OSL Weekly

Ashwin Kumar

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Jul 05 2020Yes
- I was working on installing toolchain natively on ChromiumOS using the earlier one.
I had some issues with that...will be working on it
I watched IP Man movie series
Nagasandesh N
Jun 28 2020No
Moved the toolchain built using crossdev to crOS and configured it. But found few errors while compiling. Tried to install at /usr/local but the problem persisted.
Will be trying to setup a prefix for crOS. I have brief understanding of it, so i would be following the manual bootstrap process and also setting it up stage wise which would make debugging easy.
Fast forwarded and watched breaking bad! ;)
Swathi Meghana K R
Jun 21 2020Yes
After resizing the ChromiumOS partition, I created a chroot env to update the packages, but binaries break due to library conflicts
Working on solve the issues
Watched few movie's
Suresh N
Jun 14 2020No
1. Built toolchain and perl binaries using crossdev
1.Planning to add toolchain and perl binaries to ChromiumOS
1. Watched few movies
Swathi Meghana K R
Jun 07 2020Yes
Worked on appending toolchain to ChromiumOS
Worked on Bootstrapping the system
Continue working on appending toolchain to ChromiumOS
Continue working on Bootstrapping the system.
Watched a few movies.
Vaibhav D S
May 31 2020Yes
- Created a custom repository for crossdev packages
- Learnt to setup ssh without login using auth_keys -Learnt about portage
- emerged eselect successfully
- Symlinked a few binaries from toolchain
- Added few missing libs
Trying to emerge toolchain to crOS
watched few movies
Sourabha G
May 24 2020Yes
* Cross compiled toolchain for ChromiumOS
* Learnt about crossdev and crosstool-ng
* Configure these tools with the package manager
* Write a script to install them directly during creating the OS image
Watched a web series.
Vaibhav D S
May 17 2020No
-Working on GSoC project.
-Tried to add a package to the target and was successfully.
-Explored directories and what it is used for.
-Trying to add toolchain to target.
-Working on adding toolchain.
- Face some difficulty during the process and gonna deal with that also!
Going for jog and started exercising again
Kunal S