OSL Weekly

Umesh A

DateVisited OSLLast WeekThis WeekFun StuffReporter
Jan 03 2021Yes
Shot a video for college
Edited clips in Premiere Pro
Analyzing research paper results
Compile results of 6 papers for literature survey
Re draft paper
Get plagiarism check
Went on a long drive.
Kratee Pareek
Dec 20 2020Yes
-Survey paper sent for conference
-Started testing GPT-2
-Deploy GPT-2 projects
-Plan for final year project prototype and start working
-Hunt for jobs
Went to coorg
Nimesh M
Dec 13 2020No
-Studied research papers for final year project
-Altered survey paper plagiarism.
Attended placements.
-Publish survey paper
-Start testing GPT-2
Watched tenet in cinema.
Nimesh M
Dec 06 2020No
Finished literature survey paper
Filled application for project grant
Wrote pending assignments
Publish survey paper
Write assignments
Watched enola holmes movie
Srikeerthi S
Nov 22 2020No
Went through literature survey for project
Studied research papers
Studied for Internals
Work on web mini project
Make presentation for final year project
Went to an arcade!
Vaibhav D S
Nov 08 2020No
-Prepared for Cocubes test
-Studied methodology for final year project
-Go through literature survey for project
-Study research papers
-Study for Internals
Watched Modern Family
Kunal S
Nov 01 2020No
I practiced aptitude questions
Practiced c programs
Prepare for cocubes
Start with writing python programs and data structures
Went rafting
Sanjith PK
Oct 25 2020No
Practiced aptitude
Revised python
Learnt what voices were in english grammar
Practice data structures
Solve more aptitude questions
Night drive to coorg
Srikeerthi S
Oct 18 2020No
-revised python basics
-Did a web developer course
-Played around with premier pro
-start the assignments of week 1 of web dev course
-Finish making the video
-Prepare for TCS
watched the social dilemma and got mind fucked. I highly recommend everyone watch it are junk food.
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Oct 04 2020No
Referred community guidelines around the world to refine OSC guidelines
Finished revising C
Planned for hacktoberfest
resume work on osc guideline
finish osl event promo video
revise for TCS
hungout at purple haze
Gaurav Purswani
Sep 27 2020No
I just brushed a little of C basics
Solved few pseudocode problems
Started framing community guidelines for OSC
Refer community guidelines around the world and refine OSC guidelines
Finish revising C
Plan and look over hacktoberfest
Eat loads for timepass. Rasmalai, Chicken kebab and momos.
Vibha Prasad
Sep 20 2020No
Last week,
I prepared for in time tec test
Finished final year project synopsis
Studied about hybrid algorithms
Next week,
Prepare for infosys test
Work on project presentation
Study research papers on load optimization
For fun,
Hung out with friends.
Played valorant
Prepared desi maggi
Nidhi R
Sep 13 2020No
Read research papers on GPT3
Finished week 3 of design course
Finish week 3 of design course assignment
Finish final year project synopsis
Implement different approaches of GPT 3
Played CS:GO online
Kratee Pareek
Aug 30 2020No
1)finished week 3 of the course
2)learnt to implement finetuning methods for Generative Pretrained Transformer 3
1) Work on design course assignments
2) Read atleast two research papers on different approaches of GPT - 3
Played GTA 5 online after a long time.
Pramod K
Aug 16 2020No
1)Finished week 2of Graphic design and its assignment.
2)Practiced aptitude questions.
1)start week 3 of the course
2)learn to implement finetuning methods for Generative Pretrained Transformer 3
went to balmuri with friends
Samantha Paul
Aug 09 2020No
Worked on different nodule on my flutter app
Started week 2 of Graphic design course
Finish week 2of Graphic design and its assignment.
Practice aptitude questions.
Played GTA5 online
Neha B
Aug 02 2020No
1. learnt to implement firebase
2. started Week 1 of Graphic design : https://www.coursera.org/learn/fundamentals-of-graphic-design
1. to work on other modules of my flutter app
2. learn Week 2 of Graphic design
learnt to cook desi Maggi :P
Swathi Meghana K R
Jul 26 2020No
Finished creating flutter pages
Learning firebase with flutter
Implement firebase
Learn UX Design
Went to sagarkatte and met clinton
Pramod K
Jul 19 2020No
practicing aptitude
And built some pages on flutter
Finish the flutter application
Practice logical reasoning questions
Practice more aptitude questions
drank barley juice & whisky
Nithin Jaikar
Jul 12 2020No
I planned out the outline of a flutter app
Created the login/signup page
Was practicing aptitude questions for placement.
Create the rest of the pages for the flutter app.
Figure out connecting em to firebase.
Solve few questions related to logical reasoning.
Played GTA5 online
Gaurav Purswani
Jul 05 2020No
- Finished designing prototypes on Adobe XD
- Started learning dart
- Continue learning dart
- Prepare for placements
- Watched Dark Season 3
Derryl Kevin Monis
Jun 28 2020No
- Designing flutter prototypes on XD
Learning dart
- Finish all the prototypes
Implement flutter app
Finish all the prototypes
Implement flutter app
played football!
Nagasandesh N
Jun 21 2020No
I designed a few prototypes on Adobe XD for an app.

And appened changes to a website. Finetran.com
Start learning dart to develop flutter apps.
And work on the prototype according to the new requirements.
Adobe XD prototype*
Planned and celebrated Samantha's birthday party! 😂
Gaurav Purswani
Jun 14 2020No
Learnt queries in database
Built mini python project
Worked on website
learn wordpress for small project
learn stored procedures
refresh python
learnt to play Rummy
Sourabha G
Jun 07 2020No
Studying database
Resume python course
Worked on website
Continue with queries in database
Built mini python project
Append changes to website
Cooked a Full course meal with friends.
Nimesh M
May 31 2020No
Learnt about formulating tables in database
Worked on website
Continue building on website
Learn more concepts in database
Watched YouTube
Looked into George Floyd news
signed a petition to charge police officers
spoke to friends over phone
Srikeerthi S
May 24 2020No
Prepared script for Vvce Sucess stories
CG mini project
Finished a self help book
Went through one python module
Practice classes and objects
Work on mini project
Watched Di caprio movies
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
May 17 2020No
Read a book
Worked on a pet project
-Read more books
-Continue python
-Work on project
Prepared Chicken Momos
Thushar K Nimbalkar