OSL Weekly

Thushar K Nimbalkar

DateVisited OSLLast WeekThis WeekFun StuffReporter
Sep 11 2022Yes
- ODG W1 DBMS and sys
- meet with the coordinator
- epicor placement test
- odg w2 + w1 pending
- read docs over py and cp
- start solving in codechef
Hangout, reddit and YouTube
Kunal S
Aug 28 2022Yes
- finished odg n 6sem exams
- partook in a funeral
- osl pc rewiring and install
- started workout week 1
- plan gym workout w3
- study odg docs for sep 2
- read a Japanese book
- go out more and explore
snap, ig, yt, reddit, 4chan
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Aug 14 2022Yes
- osl budget plan and order
- Snapchat profile works
- college sem end exams
- online degree exam stats2
- complete exams
- solve dsa with py
- checkout humans for AI org
- revise gym program
- improve social handles
Spent time with friends
Vaibhav D S
Jul 31 2022Yes
- ODG end term prep
- engg sem end prep
- backlog paper prep
- osl induction event
- start new gym program
- end sem prep
- stats 2 odg prep
- hoodie print
Fun: yt, reddit, tv, friends
Aniruddha Bagal
Jun 26 2022Yes
- open day preps
- super 100 training
- odg week 7 assign
- mock interview
- solve more problems
- do more college stuff
- tap training
- odg quiz 2, week 8
Derryl Kevin Monis
Jun 19 2022Yes
- college internals
- cocubes test
- mulesoft training
- open day
- mulesoft stuff
- bizotic tests
- miniproject
- super 100 class
- iitmod w8 prep
- semester stuff
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Jun 05 2022Yes
- prepped for odg quiz 1
- completed w4 odg
- had super 100 stuff
- changed gym program
- cover up odg portions
- get vvce lab records done
- complete atomic habits
- start cp with py again daily
- continue with same gym program this week
- get into techathon by gh
Yt, reddit, ig, 4chan, prime
Arun Maurya
May 29 2022Yes
- got into the Tap super 100 program(scam by MuleSoft)
- finished 3 weeks of ODG
- solved more stuff in Ansys
- went to the TGIH hackathon
- Started reading atomic habits
- new gym workout program
- wrote first vvce internals
- cover up odg portions
- build a new weekly schedule
- change gym program
- work with js for upcoming hackathons
- attend super 100 training
- finish half the book atleast
Went to jayciana, vidyuth, had fun
Shreevari SP
May 15 2022Yes
- miniproject stuff
- online degree lectures
- MOM backlog
- vvce ramp walk
- azure bootcamp
- lab records
- online degree w2
- 1st internals
- elective process
fun: yt, rdt, 4chan, ig
Aniruddha Bagal
May 08 2022Yes
- miniproject presentation
- M3 backlog
- online degree started
- solved stuff in ansys
- solve more in Ansys
- online degree submission
- mom backlog
yt, reddit, ig,
Derryl Kevin Monis
May 01 2022Yes
Last week:
- worked with ansys
- college stuff and apti
- wrote backlog papers
Coming week:
- finish one more paper
- miniproject stuff
- maintain schedule
Fun: ig, yt, reddit
Nagasandesh N
Mar 27 2022Yes
- started tod expert level cs cz
- finished exams, prepping for lab exams
- noodles internship
- technical sessions by college
- started looking for gsoc orgs
- create setup environment for gsoc stuff
- complete the tod level
- attend lab exams
- start gym routine
yt, reddit, 4chan
Kratee Pareek
Mar 20 2022No
- wrote exams
- had internship at noodles plant
- attend college training
- finish internship
youtube, reddit, 4chan
Vaibhav D S
Feb 06 2022Yes
- tried gnome extensions, tried synaptic packages installation
- did manual distro update ubunt
- looked around memory usage problem in gnome
- looked into vim editor
- changed os to xubuntu impish
- did some tweaking on the latest setup
- wrote replacement internals
- wrote some college assigments
- complete replacement internals
- complete college assignments
- stable setup of xubuntu
- work with matlab and pandas
- prep for college exams
- get recommendation letter for an internship
- start a new gym and diet program
youtube, reddit, 4chan, birdwatch, hangouts, offroading
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Jan 30 2022Yes
Bought a new bike, went through owner manual and tested it.
Tried cli method update of Ubuntu to 20.10.
Wrote some college stuff and third internals.
Wrote lab records and read stuff
I plan to complete some assignments, prep for end sems, hodl some crypto, write replacement internals and do some bike stuff
I surfed through YouTube, reddit, 4chan, went out with friends, drove new bike
Shreevari SP
Jan 09 2022Yes
- I changed all systems at osl to Linux, brought about changes in members and stuff.
- talked with one of the team annd made them abide by the system at osl.
- attended some classes
- convert rest of the pc too Linux at osl
- give progress report to HoD annd coordinaators
- complete records and IA lab
- read some python docs
Went out with friends
Nagasandesh N
Jan 02 2022Yes
1. started using solidworks
2. attended college lectures
3. Did some msexcel stuff for lab instructor
4. did a lot of tweaking in pc
1. complete the book on python
2. read curriculum stuff
3. watch a documentary on russian rockets
4. get the repaired phone some protection
5. meet school principal for some coffee and planning initiatives
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Dec 05 2021Yes
- read a book and completed 3 chapters of another book
- decommissioned whatsapp handle
- did lot of tweaking to the local w10 system
- got some pockets stitched in backpack, did some own
- had a pep talk with alumni on weekend
- CT textbook complete, start python textbook
- attend college classes on regular
- practice some intermediate problems in hackerrank
- get some gym stuff clarified and correct the program
fun: YT, reddit, 4chan, pmo, hangouts
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Nov 28 2021Yes
- wrote third internals of odg
- participated in a data science hackathon from college
- worked around with ubuntu 21.10 and mint.
- read some textbooks
- practice py in hackerrank
YouTube, 4chan, redd, hangouts
Nimesh M
Nov 14 2021Yes
-wrote 3rd quiz of online degree for stats
-snuck into freshers day
evaluated speakers at -Open Source Saturdays unsuccessfully
solved 7 basic problems at hackerrank
-tried dpkg install of chromium as snap install restricted gnome shell integration for installing gnome extensions
-attended college classes due to mentor and parent pressure
-followed mixed program at the gym with progressive overload sets
-solve the chromium- gnome extension problem
-solve more stuff in hackerrank
-complete 3 chapters of stats textbook and python textbook of odg
-prep for end term exams of odg, try zsh and practice touch typing
-complete writing manual content in records
-change program at gym with 1 power set only
-I was active in reddit and 4chan and youtube
-freshers day
-OSS event
Shreevari SP
Oct 31 2021Yes
- shifted lab infra to A003
- attended toastmasters meet
- gave talk in club induction 2nd yrs
- wrote re-allocation letter for hod
- wrote quiz 2 of online degree
- read the odg textbooks
- discuss drop off with parents
- contact senior for internship
- hackerrank, git, dsa
- osl re-orientation and requirements
- ask out a person
- reschedule gym and daily basis
reddit, 4chan, YouTube, college, hangouts,minecraft
Vaibhav D S
Oct 17 2021Yes
-i checked out gnome extensions and tried zshell, completed week4 ODG
-Wrote stats 2 and english 1 internals of online degree
- updated to ubuntu 20.10 impish, shifted browsers to chromium
- went to a trip from three days
- complete stats pending, English week 6
- read the prescribed textbook for probability and stats using R
- start reading the python textbook, ybop pdf
- practice apti sums and contact bizotic team for materials.
- touch dsa concepts
Fun: 4chan, yt, reddit, trip, city lights
Gaurav Purswani
Oct 10 2021Yes
- watched few lectures of online degree.
- attended college
- gym workout
- migration to linux
- read the python stats book
- read ybop PDF, streak init
- have an important talk
- attend toastmasters meet
YouTube, reddit, movies, pmo
Kunal S
Sep 26 2021No
-skanray consultancy project
-stats 2 online degree
- company visit: skanray industry
-stats 2 week 3 completion
-read some books
- finisht the skanray project
hangouts, games, youtube
Vaibhav D S
Sep 19 2021Yes
- watched online degree lectures and solved problems.
- did some searching and learning over Mqtt protocol for arduino mega 2560.
- played rapid chess and solved its puzzles.
Coming week I plan to
- finish the iot project
- complete week 2+3 of online degree
- read the stats, python and chess textbook.
Fun: hangout,movies,games,gym workout
Gaurav Purswani
Sep 12 2021No
Last week couldn't progress with anything as I had mortuary duties of a family member.
Coming week I'm planning to complete week 1 of my online degree stats and finish English assignments, read some PDFs and solve some coding problems.
hangout with cousins, games
Vaibhav D S
Aug 29 2021Yes
- completed sketch book, wrote complimentary exams.
- contributed in organizing a workshop on solidworks.
- wrote aptitude test for an internship.
- had discussions and prepped for starting a osl youtube series.
- setup kali subsystem in w10 seamless mode.
- major room remodelling.
- learn dsa, python solving
- coverup concepts from online degree
- read queued books and PDFs
- touch typing, gym workout
- do negotiations with workshop organizers regarding fee on behalf of class
- apply for more internships
- start second reboot program for pmo cycle prevention.
YouTube,a movie, college sightseeing, meetups, web surf
Kunal S
Aug 15 2021Yes
- Attended python programming exam of online degree.
- Learnt lathe,drill,gear,slot operations at the workshop lab.
- Assisted in setting up DHCP server at osl lab.
- Prepared to host a Rotaract inaugral event.
- Learnt Py IDLE commands
- Upgraded mum's work computer to w10 with kms activation.
- Room layout changes.
- Attend the lab internals at college.
- Write remaining assignments, complete CAMD sketch book.
- Learn more libraries in python, solve problems.
- Prep for complimentary exams.
- Learn excel tools, watch tuts.
Web surfing, 4chan, YT
Swathi Meghana K R
Aug 08 2021Yes
- Studied for the online degree end term exams.
- listened to python lectures(OOP)
- went to college labs and osl
- applied for Goldman Sachs internship
- attended end term exams of OD
- write sketch book and assignments
- prepare for python exam
- read some stuff and attend labs
- host the Rotaract event on 12th
Kratee Pareek
Aug 01 2021No
- Completed the consulting experience project.
- Attended the python exam of online degree.
- Read a bit of python docs, git docs and started using notepad++
- Complete assignment and sketch book.
- Attend offline lab classes and complete records.
- Study for the online degree exams, try more python codes, practice Gsheets, math topics.
- Attend the online degree exams of maths and stats.
reddit,YouTube,4chan, ripping music, setting up phones, moving stuff.
Kratee Pareek
Jul 25 2021No
- Wrote college assignments.
- Did a business consulting experience project.
- did week 10 tests of online degree.
- weight lifting in daily basis, fell ill correspondingly which caused delays in other works.
- prepare for online degree python quiz, cover the lectures.
- write college assignments, finish sketch book and write records.
- return to weight lifting on daily basis.
YouTube, reddit, 4chan, discovery+, bgmi
Nidhi R
Jul 18 2021No
1. consulting experience project
2. online degree lectures
3. college assignments
1. consulting project task completion
2. online degree preparations
3. college assignments and records
4. exam prepping and python preps
YT, Reddit, BBT, 4chan
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Jul 11 2021No
- I saw videos over solid edge assembly of connecting piston rod.
- python lecture marathon of online degree.
- prepped for online degree midterm exams, attended on Sunday.
- attended make your mark event from osl and attended group meetings with osl core members, had a refreshing time.
- registered for a consulting experience project from IIM
- I'll finish college assignments and lab records
-Complete the assemblies in solid edge software and draw in sketch book
- math lecture marathon of online degree, complete week 10 of all subjects.
- practice more analytical problems using python.
- start going to gym for 2hrs and modify daily routines
Amazon prime, chatting, con calls
Sourabha G
Jul 04 2021No
- Halfway through the progress of tail stock assembly in solid edge.
- Covered lectures of week 7 and 8 of online degree.
- Started writing assignments of college.
- Assisted in content writing for posters and notifications of the upcoming osl event.
- Cover rest of the weeks' lectures of online degree, prep for quiz.
- Help in preparation of the club's online event.
- Complete tail stock assembly and start conecting rod assembly, start drawing in the sketch book.
- Write assignments and lab records of college, prepare for upcoming internals.
Reddit, Youtube, Amazon Prime
Swathi Meghana K R
Jun 27 2021No
- Learnt to make isometric draft of knuckle joint coupling.
- completed a bit of online degree assignment questions.
- completed college internals and assisted in residence paint works.
- attended college debate competition
- complete listening to weekly lectures of online degree.
- draw the couplings and keys in solid edge, and start the sketch book assignments.
- prepare for offline online degree quiz
YouTube, reddit, 4chan, BBT
Megha Subramanya
Jun 20 2021No
-Not much progress with machine drawing, just checked some new parts.
- Wrote college internals.
- Attended online degree quiz .
- Assisted with renovation works at residence.
- Patch up the learning with week 4,5,6 of online degree and work out problems of week 2,3.
- Attend remaining internals.
- learn to draw iso metric drafts of joints and keys.
- Stay updated with the reliance communications market, bought 100 shares.
YT, Reddit, Chess
Megha Subramanya
Jun 13 2021Yes
- Worked out assignment questions of previous weeks in online degree.
- Completed assembly of machine vice in solid edge.
- Installed new ram and upgraded mom's pc to W10.
- Went cycling to the hills
- Assist in works related to house renovation and painting.
- Complete iso metric parts of tail stock and do its assembly.
- Complete week 5, 6 videos and questions of online degree .
- Go cycling to the hills.
YouTube, reddit
Nidhi R
Jun 06 2021No
* completed week 3 of online degree
* finished the assembly of screw jack and plummer block in solid edge
* read and explored the zero sama codebase in the repo.
* had socializing chats with random humans in omegle to improve texting skills.
* attended first quiz of online degree which got cancelled and postponed.
* complete week 4 and 5 of online degree.
* complete assembly of machine vice in solid edge.
* start coding the profile feature for zero sama
* attend vvce code competition.
fun: YT, reddit , omegle , television
Soujanya N
May 30 2021No
Completed week 3 of online degree
Started drawing ISO metric parts
Did assembly of screw jack
Learning shortcuts in spyder
Complete week 4 of online degree, prep for the fisrt quiz.
Draw one more assembly
Practice more in spyder
Start working on the zero sama profile feature
YT, reddit
Nidhi R
May 23 2021No
- week 2 assignments submission
- python string methods
- debloating my phone still more
-had cad exam for 2hrs
- learnt briefly over chkdsk commands in windows cmd
- week 3 classes and assignments
- prepare for quiz 1 of the course
- learning more utilities in spreadsheets
- increase activity in the discourse forum of the course community
YouTube, reddit
Pramod K
May 16 2021No
- Completed week 1 contents of all subject.
- Joined online degree discourse platform, explored around the functionality and interacted with the community, also stayed active in the online degree discord community.
- Used JDK and Xiaomi fastboot tools in windows and debloated my Xiaomi android device, learnt pm commands in adb shell.
- attended Google spreadsheet tutorials of online degree.
- Checked the insides of Amazon fire stick, wrote 1st internals' 4 papers.
- Complete week 2 content of online degree courses
- Use replit.com to store all taught code blocks in online degree.
- Find something useful to fill an empty space in the cabinet.
- Finish the last papers of internals.
- Read some pdf over js
- solve problems over calculus and curves.
Nagasandesh N
May 09 2021No
- Practiced drawing Threads in solid egde.
- Watched videos over complex differentiation.
- Completed week 1 of maths and python of online degree.
- Prepared resume for applying.
- Tried a new workout regiment.
- Prepped for first internals.
- Made a video for college covid awareness.
- Complete tasks of python week 1 of online degree
- Complete week 1 of statistics.
- Practice drawing threads in cad.
- Start week 2 classes of online degree .
- Internals from 13th, so write it.
- Apply at angel.co for internships
watched BBT
Patil Chanchal Vinod
May 02 2021No
- Practiced sections of 3D projections.
- Attended online classes.
- Was really sick so couldn't do anything productive.
- Watch week 1 classes of online degree second term.
- Solve the assignments of the online degree.
- Revise calculus and prep for maths internals
- Study all subjects for first internals.
watched eco survival, big bang theory
Sourabha G
Apr 25 2021No
Last week:
- Learnt Orthographic Projections of solids.
- Got to know more tools in solid edge
- Watched how to make 3D projections in solid works
- Participating in the T20 hackathon from IITM Bsc program
- Started weight lifting and workout
- Try to write a code for the T20 hackathon.
- Complete math lectures of online degree.
- Setup Joomla environment in Linux.
- Ask joomla org to add him to their mainstream chat.
- workout more and regular, and repair his broken phone.
- Draw manual projections of solids and in Solid Edge software.
temporarily watched big bang theory and ECO Challenge adventure racing series and youtube
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Jan 17 2021No
- had to skip week 5 assignment of online course, started week6
- wrote college assignments and records.
- read articles over geomagnetic reversal and magnetic fields, geodynamics and Apollo 11 trajectory.
- installed windows 10 for the final time and configured all softwares.
- moved his furniture and made suitable arrangements in his workplace.
- checked out a keypad phone called "Elari nanophone c" and used it for a day.
Next week:
- finish all lab records and assignments.
- start reading for curriculum and prepare for 2nd quiz of online course.
- customize his pc and Android.
- start competitive coding in a platform and attend basic questions.
- choose and purchase a cot for his workplace.
- workout daily and attend karate classes.
YouTube, reddit, music and web surfing
Kunal S
Jan 10 2021No
- Studied for college internals.
- Setup college email in Thunderbird client and sorted all the mails in corresponding folders.
- Started learning about permutations in statistics.
- Started week 5 of online data science course.
- Moved furniture in his workplace.
- Set up an area for resistance workouts.
- Had to fix mic problems in ubuntu during the week.
- Prepare presentation slides for a curriculum related assignment.
- Start workout and daily running.
- Study for lab internals and write college records.
- Complete week 5 and week 6 of online course.
- Attend karate classes.
YouTube, whatsapp, telegram, reddit
Megha Subramanya
Jan 03 2021No
-Wrote lab records, assignments and attended classes. -Attended laser cutting workshop by K tech innovation hub.
- Started preparing for third internals.
- Going through tutorials of JTR.
- watched videos over dictionary attacks and brute force attacks for password cracking.
- Will be studying for internals.
- will start taking the online degree course from 4th Jan.
hangout with friends and watched youtube
Megha Subramanya
Dec 20 2020No
- Attended a offline conference on energy conservation from ISHRAE vvce.
- Installed xfce environment to ubuntu.
- Got admitted to the foundation course of the online degree and started preparation.
- Attended college classes, wrote lab records and attended offline labs.
- Started building wooden frame for a single cot and completed the measurements.
- Prepare for college internals and complete lab records.
- Segregate the college materials in pc and start reading.
- Prepare for foundation course of the online degree.
watched YouTube and played chess
Megha Subramanya
Dec 06 2020No
Past week:
- Learnt about uploading and storing videos in mysql database.
- surfed in the web to display mp4 in php page.
- attended online classes.
- wrote college records.
- organised my tools and powertools inventory in workshop.
- played daily chess puzzles and learnt to develop opening pieces.
- Attend online classes, read for exams.
-finish writing lab records.
- Register for IITM foundational course 1st sem.
- Watch tutorial videos about google sheets.
- learn more commands for locating files and other things.
Binge watch TV series
Nagasandesh N
Nov 29 2020No
- Attended online classes.
- Wrote lab records.
- Re-oriented the study room furniture.
- Played more chess matches.
- Saw tutorial videos of my online course.
- Make time to finish lab records.
- Watch and work more tutorial problems of my online course.
- Play more chess matches.
- Learn more shell commands and learn more of Linux systems.
- Attend online classes and prepare for IA 3
binge watching web series and other media.
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Nov 22 2020No
-studied and revised for the qualifiers exam of an online course.
-installed and explored fusion 360.
- Installed xubuntu to continue learning FSH and learn to use cli for basic operations.
- devote more time for curriculum and prepare for SEE, -watch the seminar videos about parrot drone from ICT academy.
-Start working on the signage project and play MP4 videos in the console.
- Increase my ELO by playing more chess matches.
-Complete the remaining tutorial videos of my online course and prepare for foundation course.
- movies and play with dogs.
Srikeerthi S
Nov 15 2020Yes
- Played around with registry editor.
- Installed matlab, started simulink onramp course.
- Used stellarium to track meteor showers.
- Categorized mail folders in Outlook.
- Learnt to organise and display categorical data through charts and stem-leaf graphs.
- Learnt to find, locate, create, and edit file thru cli
- Learn more commands in linux.
- Prepare for qualifier exams of my online course.
- Continue my onramp course to learn simulink.
- Track more sky objects in stellariun.
- Continue reading a book over powershell.
- Attend college classes with caution.
Amazon prime series and among us with friends, youtube.
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Nov 08 2020No
Apart from curriculum, no productive activity was performed.
- Tried to modify and regulate my addiction towards crime series.
Install windows 10 on my laptop.
- Install simulation softwares and brush up my skills.
-prepare and attend CIE2
- Update my subscription services using my gmail.
web series
Manju M
Nov 01 2020Yes
- Attended classes of an online course.
- Read a part of a book over The Mind.
- Curriculum and COB formaltities.
- Continue my online course and get ready for its entrance exam.
- Curriculum and COB formalities.
- Figure out to install the signage in the college dept.
- Read a book.
binge watched cartoon and web series parallely.
Kratee Pareek
Oct 25 2020Yes
- Completed week 1 assignments of my online course.
- Used FlowBlade movie editor in ubuntu.
- Explored Emacs GUI in ubuntu.
- Learnt about pie and bar charts for categorical data.
- Spent significant time on curriculum online classes.
- Had some stuff to be done related to COB.
- Did some search related to configuring wifi in screenly on raspi.
- Started learning Simulink Onramp.
- Complete till week 3 of my online course.
- Complete the Simulink Onramp course.
- Attend the second seminar by ICT academy on drones and simulink.
- Attend online curriculum classes.
- Connect wifi to raspi with screenly and add it to the college dept.
- Learn to embed MP4 url using php.
- Finish some work with COB.
- Learn pending concepts over curriculum and my online course.
- Read a book over The Mind.
- Nurture my Xerophyte and keep it out on a regular basis for sunlight.
- Play level three chess ranked at ELO:1200 against CPU.
Watched a Amazon prime series
Nimesh M
Oct 18 2020No
-Used Matlab in ubuntu, and checked the performance.
- Used the simulink tool.
- Checked out the VVCE portal for Matlab workshops.
- Registered for a drone workshop.
- Spent ridiculous amounts of time for curriculum.
- Installed Putty ssh client in ubuntu.
- Attend the workshop on drones and simulink.
- Work with matlab and simulink.
- Complete week 3 of the online course.
Fun- TV series
Manju M
Oct 11 2020No
- Learnt about types of statistics and categories of data.
- Prepared digital swag kit for Open Hack Sprint.
- Helped in the OSL-FOSS sheet in swag kit.
- Edited a portfolio website template.
- Played chess and increased my ELO to 780.
- Got my ELO decreased to 574 by playing more intensive chess matches.
- Was involved in slides preparation for the event.
- Read about Ethernet cables.
- Installed Thunderbird mail and adapted to the interface.
- Significant time spent for curriculum classes.
- Continue with his online course.
- Set up the signage project in the college.
- Start learning HTML5.
- Play chess and increase ELO
Hangout with friends
Kunal S
Oct 04 2020Yes
- Registered for hacktoberfest and searched for repos.
- Completed spring mass damping model in Scilab.
- Finished a NiMH battery model in Scilab Xcos.
- Completed third week classes of internship.
- Downloaded technical podcasts from various sources.
- Had multiple visits to the college for COB enquiry and clarification.
- Installed Htops application in ubuntu for system processes monitoring.
- Used FlowBlade Movie maker in ubuntu to do video editing.
- Used filmora software for video overlaying and audio editing.
- Learnt and used the OBS audio editing app in ubuntu.
- Searched and read on how to tether wifi to a raspi with screenly using android phone.
- Listen to the podcasts which were previously downloaded.
- Read books over chess and python.
- Learn to embed YouTube links in php.
- Try to contribute to repos and participate in hacktober fest.
- Prepare for COB and keep everything ready.
- Start attending an online course.
- Try to connect android wifi tethering to screenly installed raspi.
- Read curriculum stuff and docs on front end web tools.
Occasional outdoor activities
Vibha Prasad
Sep 27 2020Yes
- Continued week 3 classes of my internship
- Worked with Scilab software and modelled vehicle resistive forces using the same.
- Completed setting my LAMP stack on Ubuntu and presented my signage project to faculty in college.
- Attended curriculum classes.
- Planning to complete my internship in Decibel Labs.
- Apply for change of branch in my college.
- Complete the project of modeling a NiMh battery in Scilab.
- Do thermal imaging of a house using Scilab.
- Start attending an online course.
- Continue attending online curriculum class.
- Learn to render video and MP3 files in php.
- binged watched YouTube
- played mortal kombat on android phone
- chatted too much with my friends
- went cycling.
Derryl Kevin Monis
Sep 20 2020No
- Edited his PHP page to send data to MySQL database.
- Installed Scilab on Ubuntu.
- Attended Internship classes and learnt graph analytics.
- Spent time on curriculum online classes.
- Customised his new Android phone.
- Installed synaptic package manager on Ubuntu.
- Explored stack exchange and joined ask Ubuntu help page.
- Cover up pending internship classes.
- Watch python tutorials.
- Spend time on curriculum classes.
- Apply for change of branch.
- Complete the lamp stack in ubuntu.
- read some books.
watched TV and YouTube.
Avinash Arun
Sep 13 2020Yes
- Doing my internship course.
- Learning to use a model based design software called Scilab.
- Solving problems using a toolkit in Scilab called Xcos.
- Spending ridiculous amount of time in college curriculum.
- Set up Ubuntu subsystem in Windows 10.
- Typed some pages of a novel to help my friend.
- Continue with my internship.(Decibel Labs)
- Read some docs given for the course.
- Learn concepts over aerodynamics in automobiles.
- Start using the Ubuntu subsystem in my windows desktop.
- Read docs over Python if time permits.
- Spend ridiculous amounts of time on college curriculum.
Ask me only if ur gonna remember!
Sourabha G
Sep 06 2020No
I have taken internship by from decibel labs
Apart from that it's all online classes and curriculum stuff.
Lamp stack is almost complete, though I couldn't work on it the previous week.
Continue online curriculum. Start internship training.
Complete the digital signage project.
Read docs on Python and Linux FSH.
Read books related to solar physics.
Did some tweak to gnome DE.
Srikeerthi S
Aug 30 2020No
- Added seconds to my clock in Windows taskbar using registry editor.
- Started reading a book on power shell.
- Explored tools in universal reader for KDE.
- Learnt metal painting.
- Read about dwarf planets.
- spend a lot of time on curriculum online classes.
- attend an online course in NPTEL.
- continue reading Python 3.8 docs.
- Build a tazer and signal jammer circuit.
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Aug 23 2020No
- Migrated back to Windows due to problems.
- Read some books.
- Was on vacation.
- Losing hopes on COB
- Prepare for classes on September.
- Quit all of my works and project.
- Start rescheduling with curriculum as my priorities.
- Get rid of unwanted stress.
Went on a trip
Samantha Paul
Aug 16 2020No
Last week:
- Did some terrace gardening.
- Performed heavy duty janitor works in my house.
- installed tor on Ubuntu.
- visited many relative's houses.
Next week:
- Retrieve and update data in MySQL database using php.
- Work on change of branch in the college.
- participate in 10days of code competition in my college.
Playing games
Chandan B Gowda
Aug 09 2020No
- Read some docs over apache2.
- Installed MySQL on Ubuntu.
- Started learning about relational databases.
- Learning CRUD operations.
- Installed Hexchat on Ubuntu and explored it's usability.
- Learnt about flatpak and Ubuntu make.
- Took a web course in udemy.
- Planned to read a book on chess next week.
- Used sublime text on Ubuntu.
- Installed synaptic package manager on Ubuntu.
- Opened an account in stack overflow, surfed over JS and MySQL questions.(Username:ThusharKN)
- Joined JS and and Python community on discord for announcements and events.
- Scheduled working some math for the upcoming week.
- Dealt with a kernel panic on my laptop. Installed Ubuntu lol.
Swathi Meghana K R
Aug 02 2020No
Completed CAED assignment
Set up LAMP stack
Explored Linux distributions for ARM devices
Vacation week, hence nothing
Watched TV shows
Vaibhav D S
Jul 26 2020No
- Due to unexpected online lab exam and record submission, schedule changed and objective priority was for curriculum.
- Wrote some CAED diagrams.
- Read a book on HTML.
- Completed a course: differential equations in coursera.
- Got a Ethernet switch for his laptop.
- Submit CAED book to the college.
- Read the windows power shell tutorial book.
- Complete my Python course in coursera.
- Learn how to do mathematical computations in Python and to build tools using the same.
- Do some stuff related to COB after results.
- Read books.
Kunal S
Jul 19 2020Yes
- Started learning Windows powershell.
- Switched to Windows 10 OS in my laptop.
- Started my college CAED assignment.
- Learnt to setup an apache2 server.
- Briefly learnt and tried the LAMP stack in Ubuntu 20.4
- Explored Hack programming language.
- Learnt to retrieve and display form data using php.
- Performed low time efficient janitory works in my house.
- Explored the functionality of a HTTP proxy request.
- Solved some analytical and diagrammatic logic solving problems.
- Learn to use Postman and implement it.
- Complete my CAED assignment.
- Learn to use the windows power shell.
- Get rid of my WhatsApp and telegram account and stay off the social media BS grid.
- Read a book on HTML, Dhtml, and XML HTTP request.
- Do some math and read my books.
- Learn about how the IRC channels work and interact.
- Work some strategies and plans over the branch change option in my college.
Kratee Pareek
Jul 12 2020No
- Solved some CAED problems in solid edge software.
- Read a book.
- Went through Node tutorials.
- Made some progress with the Coursera courses.
- Complete the coursera course.
- Read some more books.
- Complete the Node tutorials.
- Finish my udemy boot camp course.
Samantha Paul
Jul 05 2020Yes
- Learnt to migrate a website into a PWA.
-Learnt about Get(query parameters) and Post methods.
- Worked with XML http request.
- Learnt about events.
- Stayed updated with the current pandemic situation.
- Fell sick.
-Get cured from my sickness.
- Finish my college mock exam on physics.
- Learn about fetching form data.
- Finish some college assignments.
- Read some books
Played call of duty mobile
Suresh N
Jun 28 2020Yes
Built basic application using NodeJS
Attended Python and Differential Equations course on Coursera
Studied about ExpressJS frameworks
Set up server and database for dynamic website
Learn to fetch user data from server to console
Setup the screenly signage software to raspberry pi.
Finish the coursera courses.
Finish college assignments.
Learn CSS3.
Played CoD mobile
Vaibhav D S
Jun 21 2020No
- Drew some CAED sketches as per my college assignment.
- Was halfway through learning ExpressJS.
- Started learning to host a get method HTTP server using Express framework, and learn to fetch query parameters.
- Learnt commands to get response from http server using JavaScript.
-Get MVP responses from server to the client based on updates.
-Learn to use APIs for video streaming and real time video streaming in a server.
-Complete remaining college assignments.
- Try to shift back to Mint ASAP.
- Explore more domains of stack overflow chat platform.
- Get the Notifications server running in my PC.
- Learn to setup the web server in Raspberry pi.
-Setup and modify the npdejs environment in the OSL raspi.
-Read some space books.
Fun- went hiking to Chamundi hill for the whole week.
Ashwin Kumar
Jun 14 2020Yes
In the past week, I have completed some college assignments,have attended online tests.
Next week, I will be completing my courswea courses, finish some college assignment.
Chandan B Gowda
Jun 07 2020No
-College stuff.
-Worked with Solid Edge.
-Work with Ardupilot.
-Complete the Coursera courses.
-Start learning arduino IDE.
-Build Tools using python.
Soujanya N
May 31 2020No
Past week:
- Installed Windows 10 in my computer.
-Explored Opera GX.
- Wrote college stuff.
- Installed and solid edge 2020.
Next week:
- Attend college internals.
- Finish CAED assignments.
-Write college assignments.
Chandan B Gowda
May 24 2020No
-Wrote College Assignments.
- Checked the Linux Mint discussion forum.
- Planned to complete Coursera courses next week(formality).
- Used a Planetarium software(Linux version).
- Complete the online courses in Coursera.
- Take up computational math courses in Edx and NPTEL( probable event).
- Finish the college writing stuff.
- Attend the college online assessment(physics) on 30th.
- Learn more stuff.
Fun- stayed outside the whole week
Manju M
May 17 2020No
- Wrote college assignments
- Attended Online tests.
- Wrote lab experiments write-up.
- Complete self study chapters.
- Complete the assignments.
- Hangout with friends.
YouTube videos
Vaibhav D S