OSL Weekly

Suresh N

DateVisited OSLLast WeekThis WeekFun StuffReporter
Jan 10 2021No
Nothing but self reflection
prepare for lab IA,
do more problems solving,
Fun : completed big bang theory
Soujanya N
Jan 03 2021No
Preparing for interviews
Preparing for interviews
Nimesh M
Dec 06 2020No
Kunal S
Nov 29 2020No
Problem solving
Problem solving
Derryl Kevin Monis
Nov 22 2020No
Solved problems
Solve more problems(coding)
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Nov 15 2020No
No fun
Gaurav Purswani
Nov 01 2020No
Grinding my basics
Grinding my basics
Watched movie and series
Played games
Pramod K
Oct 25 2020No
competitive programming
continue with competitive programming
nothing much
Sourabha G
Oct 18 2020No
Competitive Programming
Competitive Programming
Nagasandesh N
Oct 11 2020No
Competitive coding
Competitive coding
Music, movies
Nimesh M
Sep 20 2020No
Nothing much because of the fever
Learn React
Problem solving
Kunal S
Sep 13 2020No
1.coding problem solving
1.coding problem solving
2.finishing the nand2tetris course
Netflix, Twitter and YouTube
Nimesh M
Sep 06 2020No
1. solving coding problems
2. Nand2tetris course
Twitter, YouTube
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Aug 30 2020No
1 completed 4th week of nand2tetris course
2 coding problem solving
1.Complete 5th week of the course
Samantha Paul
Aug 23 2020No
- Completed 3rd week Nand to tetris course - coding competition
- Complete 4th week Nand to tetris course - Solve more coding problems
Nagasandesh N
Aug 09 2020No
Did nothing
try to open my laptop
Gaurav Purswani
Jul 19 2020No
Completed with assignments
1. Resume reading algorithm book
2. Practicing habit 1
YouTube and Twitter
Swathi Meghana K R
Jul 12 2020No
1. Finished first chapter of algorithm book
1. completing the assignments
Watched sine documentary and tech reviews on YouTube
Swathi Meghana K R
Jul 05 2020No
Learnt Python
Try some Python projects
Watched movies and documentaries.
Vaibhav D S
Jun 28 2020No
–Not productive in whole week
–Did some thought experiment
–Plan to do some CP in Python
–Resume reading algorithm book
– Watched angrezi medium and Queen
– Watched couple of documentery about astronomy
Sanjith PK
Jun 21 2020No
- Started reading Introduction to algorithms
1. Finish first 2 chapter of the book
2. Learning Python
watching movies,
Spending time in twitter
Avinash Arun
Jun 14 2020No
1. Coding competition
2. Resume reading on introduction to algorithm
This week
1. Finish first 3 chapter of introduction to algorithm book
2. Work on C++ projects
1. Watched some documentary and movies
Gaurav Purswani
Jun 07 2020No
Attended a coding competition hosted by leetcode and solved problems using c++.
1. Coding competition
2. Learn more about STL
Watched movies and money heist
Srikeerthi S
May 31 2020No
1. Coding competition
2. Learned more about vector, sets and pair
1. Work on my android app
2. Do more coding competition
1. Watched Conan TV show
Nimesh M
May 24 2020No
1 coding competition.
2 started using STL
1 coding competition
2 learn more STL types
Nimesh M
May 17 2020No
1.coding competition
2. More active in twitter
3.reading book(not upto my potential
4.YouTube for little entertainment
1. more serious on coding
2. start the day with proper planning.
Read a book
Umesh A