OSL Weekly

Srikeerthi S

DateVisited OSLLast WeekThis WeekFun StuffReporter
Jan 17 2021No
Worked on mini project
Learnt about how to calculate square root using quake III algorithm.
Continue Final year project
Complete the mini project
Watched CES
YT videos
Preparation for intervies
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Dec 20 2020No
This week:
Checked out various courses for algorithm and ds.
Finished report of internship
Read more in JavaScript.info
Working on UI of internship project.
Upgraded Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.01 LTS
Learnt some stuff on libre office
Continue working on the final year project.
Finish UI work.
Watched movie.
Checked out few companies opportunity.
Nagasandesh N
Dec 13 2020No
Read a few pages of javascript.info
Have to make ui better for the internship project.
Start building my final year project.
Watched movies Lucy.
Was watching cyberpunk gameplay.
Watched cricket match for first time in 3 years.
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Nov 29 2020No
Deployed API of the ml model.
70% of report completed.
Had to take an exam but it got postponed continuously.
Preparing survey paper presentation
Submit report
Complete and submit presentation
Played among us game.
Wasted a lot of time in hope of taking exam.
Vibha Prasad
Nov 22 2020No
-Completed building api.
-Started writing the report for inteenship
-host the api on cloud
-Submit the report anc complete internship.
-Watched yt videos
-Reviewed analytical questions
Sourabha G
Nov 15 2020No
1. Worked on internship project.
2. Completed building the model.
3. Created an API for using the model.
Deploy the api on cloud.
Watched a lot of movies.
Swathi Meghana K R
Nov 01 2020No
1.Learnt some features of numpy and pandas.
2.Learnt some stuff on how neural network works.
1.Continue on internship project
2.Brush up fundamental ml
3.Start using tensorflow
1.Checked out some yt video
2.Checking out linkedin
3.Looked on how to solve analytical essays
Swathi Meghana K R
Oct 25 2020No
Working on presentation
Learnt a few stuff on ml,dl
Working on internship project
Complete presentation
Continue on internship
Revised permutations & combination, differentiation
Vibha Prasad
Oct 18 2020Yes
Learnt what and how to setup CI/CD .
Working in internship
Continue work in internship
Reading lot of articles in newspapers
Mentoring new moderators of osl
Avinash Arun
Oct 11 2020No
-Learnt a bit of services in AWS
-Read docs on how to build a discord bot
-Started working on internship project related to ml
-Overlooked the preparation for hacktoberfest
-Work on the internship project
-Complete pending tasks
The meetings of hactoberfest and guided on few aspects
Sourabha G
Oct 04 2020No
Conducted a meeting on hacktoberfest
Created a simple website for events.
Created a sample wallpaper for the game usig paint 3d.
Looking for an organization to contribute for hactoberfest.
Create a backend for events website.
Use Gimp for making wallpaper of game.
Hunt for an organisation.
Learning to write an essay on topics.
Started doing yoga
Umesh A
Sep 27 2020No
1.Re-learning algo from 6006 mit course
2.Conducted few internal meeting regarding osl
1.Complete 2nd chapter of digital image processing
2.Complete all pending projects that had been stalled.
1.Learning to write critical analysis for a topic.
2.Reading a lot of newspaper and getting new vocab words.
Samantha Paul
Sep 20 2020No
Learnt a little about ml and applied simple 2 models using azure ml studio.
Added data on portfolio site.
Finish pending portfolio site
Check out more stuff on azure services.
Learnt a few more words.
Manju M
Sep 13 2020No
Started reading a book on digital image processing.
Working on portfolio website.
Checked on final year project.
Complete portfolio website
Complete a few chapters in digital image processing.
Learnt a few words and relearned a bit of probability
Soujanya N
Sep 06 2020No
Last week :
Completed side project
Conducted a meeting with osl members
Got the ppt ready for VMware company
This week:
Complete game's icon and wallpaper
Work on portfolio website.
Learnt more words
Checked out a website related to Virtual economy.
Nagasandesh N
Aug 30 2020No
- worked on resume
- started a new side project
- work on the game wallpaper is stalled
- complete side project
- complete wallpaper and publish
- start working on portfolio website
Learnt new words
And learn some cool stuff about prime numbers
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Aug 23 2020No
Started creating the icon and splash screen for the game.
Continue designing
Learning new vocabulary words and mental maths concepts
Sanjith PK
Aug 16 2020No
Completed building game
Learnt how to make sprites out of images.
Learnt a little in using paint3d.
Getting a presentation ready from osl for a meeting.
Get an icon and splash screen ready.
Publish game on playstore.
Checked out yt videos on using touchscreen for controls.
Found some interesting projects for final year.
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Aug 09 2020Yes
Previous week:
Worked on unity game:
Added a joystick and getting build for android ready.
Learnt how to make a tree using optimised tree game object.
Fixed a bug on player movement and powerup
This week:
Release game and complete building portfolio website.
Yt videos ,checked out few internships. Checked out final year project.
Chandan B Gowda
Aug 02 2020No
Worked a lot on the unity game, it almost complete fixing minor bugs.
Added details to the resume.
Release game and work on reviews and feedbacks
watched movies, vidoes and applied for GDC.
Sourabha G
Jul 26 2020No
- completed writing records
- completed implementing basic oauth but lot of time was invested than required.
- didn't get any headway with unity game
- Catch up and complete the game within end of month.
- Finish forgot password module in ouath and fix any bugs that are present.
Watched lot of auditions of Carnatic music.
Sanjith PK
Jul 19 2020No
- I had published a blog in osl website.


- Worked on the unity game by adding some powerups and started working on the UI.


- learnt oauth and implementing the same in nodejs.
- Complete implementation of oauth
- complete building the unity game.
Watched movies and yt vidoes
Nimesh M
Jul 12 2020No
Worked on a blog
Wants to complete the UI and hopefully have a mvp for the unity game
Played online games
Vibha Prasad
Jul 05 2020No
Added little content to the blog.
Started working on a unity game.
Complete building the game.
Complete the blog
Playing valorent which is an online multiplayer game.
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Jun 28 2020No
Ensured two projects of got initialised.
Started creating a blog
Learnt a bit about express.
Unity game has been at standstill and need to resume and try to complete it.
Complete blog.
Need to update my git repo's with new code.
No fun as I had no internet 😭
Umesh A
Jun 21 2020No
Worked on unity game
Learnt topics in nodejs like routes and datapipeline
no plans as such
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Jun 14 2020No
I started working on a unity game.
Relearning SQL.
Checked out some extensions given by VS Code.
Flashed my phone and reinstalled the os.
Complete learning SQL
Start learning nodejs.
Watched movies and was playing around with unity editor
Manju M
Jun 07 2020No
Learnt a little bit of rest API.
Started building a game in unity.
Solved 4 problems in 30 day code challenge.
Gave an idea to conduct a mini event in osl.
Do a miniproject with the knowledge learnt in rest API
Add primitives and control them in the game
Conduct the mini event.
Watched really old (90's) movie
Sanjith PK
May 31 2020No
Unproductive week
Worked on game
Learnt a few more things about custom rom
Upcoming week
Hopefully get back on competitve coding
Was into social media
Watched news
Umesh A
May 24 2020No
1. Installed pixel experience mod on Xiaomi device
2. Solved 2 problems on hackerrank
3. Fix bugs https://github.com/srikeerthis/Game/commits?author=srikeerthis
1. Finish game project
2. Solve last week's hackerrank problems
1. Had fun with custom ROM
2. Watched Captain America: The first avenger
Shreevari SP
May 17 2020No
- Solved few more problems of 30 days of code in hackerrank.
- Learnt a few more functions in excel.
- Completed building the game.
[Link] https://github.com/srikeerthis/Game/commits?author=srikeerthis
- work on bugs if found in game.
- solve more hackerrank problems.
Watched a lot of Malayalam movies
Samantha Paul