OSL Weekly

Sourabha G

DateVisited OSLLast WeekThis WeekFun StuffReporter
Aug 28 2022No
Company work
Company work
Attended function
Vaibhav D S
Jul 24 2022Yes
did some GSoC work And little internship work
just GSoC work
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Jul 17 2022Yes
Internship work
GSoC work
Mainly GSoC
Arun Maurya
Jul 10 2022Yes
GSoC - Just made minor fixes
Internship - nothing

Wrote exams
Next week, need to do a lot of GSoC work. Not sure of internship work
Family Outing
Aniruddha Bagal
May 22 2022Yes
Internship work
Internship work
Spent time with friends
Vaibhav D S
May 08 2022Yes
Internship Work
Internship work and gsoc work
Hanging out with friends
Arun Maurya
May 01 2022Yes
internship work, spent few hours for contributing to Sugar Labs
will focus more on open source contribution n continue internship work.
went swimming n dancing
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Apr 24 2022No
She did internship work. I'll continue it and also start GSoC work
Hang out with friends
Hang out with friends
Kratee Pareek
Apr 10 2022No
Went out with family for pilgrimage visit
Kunal S
Apr 03 2022No
Internship work
Internship and GSoC work
Hung out with cousins
Swathi Meghana K R
Mar 13 2022No
Internship work
Internship work
Hung out with friends
Swathi Meghana K R
Mar 06 2022Yes
internship work and orked on logistics and business model for a project
Internship work and should work on a project for YUNUS challenge
long drive to Kallalli
Nagasandesh N
Feb 27 2022Yes
Internship work
Series unlisted
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Feb 20 2022No
Internship work
Chilled with cousins
Kunal S
Feb 06 2022Yes
Gaurav Purswani
Jan 09 2022Yes
Internship work
Final year project work
No fun
Gaurav Purswani
Jan 02 2022No
Yoga nationals
Start with internship
Explore odisha
Kratee Pareek
Dec 19 2021Yes
full of yoga practice and internship work
full of yoga practice
The Compitition
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Nov 28 2021Yes
Internship work
Internship work
Hung out with friendd
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Nov 14 2021Yes
internship work
internship work
hung out with cousins
Kratee Pareek
Oct 24 2021No
-practiced leetcode problems
-worked on final year project
-Solve more DSA problems
Nothing interesting
Kratee Pareek
Oct 03 2021No
Just did some clerical work
should do DSA
For fun, hung out with friends
Gaurav Purswani
Sep 26 2021No
Last week,
- solved few DSA problems (very less though)
- planned and organised State level Yoga Championship online
- Learnt a lot about spreadsheets while automating the scoring system for the competition.
Next week,
- research on few topics for final year project
- solve more DSA
- chilled a lot during the competition
Nagasandesh N
Sep 19 2021No
- solved some leetcode problems
- worked on a yoga project that required to code on Google sheets, it's kinda powerful tools.
- headed the tech team for organizing mock State level online Yoga competition.
- solve more DSA problems
- complete consultancy project
- Complete all small Tasks and Conduct State level online competition
Long walks to some random places around, checking out Mysore😅
Megha Subramanya
Sep 12 2021Yes
- OSL management work
Solve some dsa problems
Hangout with friends
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Sep 05 2021No
- solved 2 DS problems
- Read about setting up RAGEMP server
- focus more on internship work
- solve more DS problems
Played outdoor games
Kratee Pareek
Aug 29 2021Yes
Completed work pertaining to GSoC
Start practice with DSA
Sport. Dance
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Aug 08 2021No
- almost completed working on 2 activities
- Started working on new activity.
will complete 3 PRs
watched olympics for way too longer than I should hav
Gaurav Purswani
Aug 01 2021No
1. Worked on an activity to add game design feature
2. Opened a pr and started working on a new game and some more
1. Complete work on new game
2. Hunt for next game to work on
3. Contribute to translation
1. Long conversation with OSL folks
2. Played Lagori with a bunch of kids
3. Did some useless documentation and ate soujanya's head
Soujanya N
Jul 25 2021No
1. learnt about basics of C#, ADO.NET, LINQ
2. worked on 2 Activities
1. Complete and release 2 Activities
2. Advance Features In ASP.Net
1. Outdoor games, Pilgrimage visit
Nimesh M
Jul 18 2021No
- brushed up basics of OOPs
- Learnt .NET architecture
- Started working on 2 new activities
- Hustled a little with customising a web UI
- learn more concepts of C#
- Complete UI enhancement of 2 activity
Lagori, movies
Kratee Pareek
Jul 11 2021No
1. Worked on nee release of 2 activities
2. Studied little about basics of C# covering data types, variables, dynamic types in C#
3. Planned the overview of a web project
1. Start working on new activitie.
2. Learn more abt C# and .NET framework
3. Start implementing web project
Played Lagori, watched stand up shows online
Megha Subramanya
Jul 04 2021No
- OSL event work
- GSoC stuff, worked on 3 activities
- start SandLogic internship work
- GSoC, make new releases and start working on new games
Web series
Megha Subramanya
Jun 27 2021No
- worked on recall activity and math-hurdler activity(GSoC work)
-wrap the work of previous activities and start working on new activities
Played Lagori, watched a movie and clerical work
Swathi Meghana K R
Jun 20 2021No
1. Very less GSoC work,fixed few bugs and tested an activity for a feature.
2. Lot of content writing, poster and video making and clerical work
3. Gave a talk in a Yoga conference
4. IDY promo shooting
5. Planning and brainstorming for organizing an event from OSL
Next week,
1. Completely focus on GSoC and wrap up week-2 works
2. Meeting with GSoC mentor to discuss about week-3 tasks
3. Discuss about event and work allotment
4. Perform as lead demonstrator for 7th IDY organized by the State Government.
1. Wrote internals
2. CyclingFun
Vaibhav D S
Jun 13 2021Yes
- Meeting with GSoC mentor, discussed 1st week's tasks.
- Read and understood the entire codebase of Recall-activity game.
- Worked on `recall-activity:
1. Added basic game design features
2. Added game-over page
3. Changed the game- logic a little
4. UI enhancement
- Worked on Jamath-activity a little
- Worked on Yogic Immunity Booster
- Make a PR for recall-activity and do the changes requested by mentors
- Complete creating Help-page
- Discuss with mentors regarding the next game to work on and start the work
- Flied Kite
- Played lagori n cycling
- Planned events for International Day of Yoga
Nimesh M
Jun 06 2021No
- went through the codebase of a game called recall and understood most of it.
- Had multiple meetings with GSoC mentors and discussed the tasks to be done in the 1st week.
- Designed posters for Yoga Yagna event.
- worked on Yogic Immunity Boosters series.
- Add game design features and improving the UI of recall game.
- design posters for yoga yagna event
- Shoot video and create content for Yogic Immunity Boosters series
- Look for guest speakers and plan for event from OSL
- danced, watched movies
Nidhi R
May 23 2021No
- Worked on UI enhancement of a game
- Created some posters
- Attended several meetings of entrepreneurship
- Planned on Yoga events for VVCE
- Add a feature to update Sugargames in a game
- Shoot Yoga videos
- Start working on a new PR
- Give a talk on Yoga at a COVID awareness event from VVCE
watched comedy sketches
Swathi Meghana K R
May 16 2021No
- read about implementation of cario and pixbuf but it needs more work
- Read Pipeline and Bucket book for entrepreneur qualification process
- Learnt about how GTK event pending handler works
- Read the codebase of Chat activity and found out which part I shd work on
- fixed a pygame error in a game called s`stick-hero`
- Attended a workshop of Entrepreneurship.
- Learn complete implementation of cario and port C++ GTK2 code to GTK3 code.
- Figure out how to implement crop feature in a software (very vague plan, yet to figure out)
watched movies...only to find it shitty...and made some posters
Gaurav Purswani
May 09 2021No
- Exploring pygame modules to enhance UI of game.
- Attended 1st discussion of Entrepreneurship with the mentor.
- started learning and solving basic problems of Linked list.
- Was stuck with GRUB console while removing Ubuntu OS from laptop, messed up with MacOS so tried lot of hacks but finally ended up in wiping out the OS reinstalling MacOS.
- Documented volunteering proposal for building OxiKits in collaboration with MakersAsylum community.
- Fix the UI issue.
- Fix a small issue in stick-hero game.
- Read the material of Entrepreneurship and attend 2nd discussion.
- Continue to solve basic Linked list problems from hackerrank.
- watched a lot of Stand-up shows.
Thushar K Nimbalkar
May 02 2021No
Explored Sugar desktop shell source code:
- learnt about implementation of GLib and gsignals.
-traced the pieces of code corresponding to select all and and autosearch features (to fix a bug).
- Started understanding the source code of chat software to add features.
- learn about CollabWrapper and telepathy libraries to dig more into chat activity.
- learn about Cario and GStreamer and pixbuf for porting a software from C++ to GTK+ 3.
Watched a lot of stand-ups...
Nimesh M
Jan 10 2021No
Attended college internals.
Couldn't manage any other activities.
Study for lab internals.
Series and movies
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Jan 03 2021No
Academic work
Slove few dsa problems
New year parties and went out with friends.
Swathi Meghana K R
Dec 27 2020No
Solved 2 dsa problems
Done with finals of Infosys SOI
Focus on academic stuff
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Dec 20 2020No
-Solved a few cp problems
-Worked on final pitching for Infosys Summer of Ideas
-made few posters
-complete the finals of Infosys SOI
-do more dsa problems
-complete DBMS project
Roamed around the city, watched series, went to Chamundi hill and explored animation software
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Dec 13 2020No
Solved few dsa problems
-continue solving DSA problems
-start DBMS project
-did yoga photoshoot
-prepared for Iyengar Month event
Kratee Pareek
Nov 29 2020No
-prepared ppt for Infosys SOI
- started a DSA course
-wanna complete preparing video for Infosys SOI
-Continue DSA course
-Maybe study DBMS little
For fun,
Went to Chamundi hill
Watched series all day n night
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Nov 22 2020No
Worked on task 2 of e-yantra
Solved a CP problem
Hunting for hackathons
Either Start a course of DSA or start learning reactjs
Watched a movie
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Nov 15 2020No
Worked on debugging task1 and task2 of e-yantra
Work on eyantra task2 and read few papers on federated learning.
Watched Pursuit of Happyness.
Vaibhav D S
Nov 08 2020No
e-yantra work which involves document scanner project and maze encoding.
Need to optimise both these codes and integrate it with a ball balancing bot and simulate it.
Have to write Lua scripts to do this.
Went out n roamed around...
Srikeerthi S
Nov 01 2020No
E-yantra work
E yantra work
Few comedy shows
Soujanya N
Oct 25 2020No
I worked on task1 of E-yantra
I worked on task1 of E-yantra n would continue samr for this week as well
Nidhi R
Oct 18 2020No
- Started learning lua and python to do task 0 of e-yantra
- Did a little work with OSC guidelines
- Also did some brainstorming for Infosys SOI
Have to work on task 1 of e-yantra
The tasks done this week was what I did for fun
Derryl Kevin Monis
Oct 11 2020Yes
OHS 2020 conduction and e - yantra research
Task 0 of e - yantra
Same as above
Avinash Arun
Oct 04 2020No
- Prepared for HF
- Revised basic concepts of set theory
- Added a feature to zero Sama
- I'll do some research about ball balancing bot
- Finish TOC and read DMGT
- Also contribute for HF
Long conversations with friends
Derryl Kevin Monis
Sep 27 2020No
Completed regular expressions, learnt network layer, planning for hacktober fest.
Nimesh M
Sep 13 2020No
Learnt few concepts in ToC
Solved a few hackerrank problems
Solve more Hackerank problems
Maybe do apti and solve problems on FA n learn context free language
Roamed around with sis
Watched a movie half way
Sanjith PK
Sep 06 2020No
Attended online classes
solved more problems of FA
complete toc
solve few problems in hackerrank
Comedy shows... Lots of them
Soujanya N
Aug 30 2020No
-AVL tree from algos, FSM
-solved a lot of problems of DFS from TOC,
- ER models from DBMS, polling n daisy chain
-data path from CO, propositions from DMS,
-solved few apti questions
Solve more problems on coding platforms
- I went on a trip for a day to Sagarkatte
- watched some random stand-up comedy shows...coz I couldn't find a good series or movies😅😅
Nagasandesh N
Aug 23 2020No
Solved aptitude questions
Brush up DMS and learn OS concepts
Watched a movie
Vibha Prasad
Aug 09 2020No
Nothing much productive last week...just went through a bunch of telegram bot codes written in different languages to decide which is best for my bot...
Next week... properly work on bot...n learn to play chess...n solve few hackerrank problems...
N for fun...just killing time sitting idle...no good series to watch...
Pramod K
Aug 02 2020No
I worked on telegram bot... toggling between us n python...

Solved 2 problems on hackerrank n geeksforgeeks
N next week...
Continue to work on telegram bot,
Solve more problems on gfg n hackerrank,
Learn to play chess...
N for fun, watched few webseries...played with some kids...
Chandan B Gowda
Jul 26 2020No
I learnt lil basics of networks ,worked on telegram bot, solved few hackerrank problems n read few blogs abt encryption n wrote records
wanna continue bot work , do lil website work , learn more networks n solve few hackerrank problems
watched movies, web series n took yoga classes
Nimesh M
Jul 19 2020No
- Doing a website for my institute
- exploring ubuntu
- reading a book on networks
- trying to solve hackerrank problems
- And working with matlab for extracting earth data from hdf format
- continue to read network book, website work, hackerrank problems
Watched web series
Nagasandesh N
Jul 12 2020Yes
-Did some CP.
- Started building a website.
-Learnt JavaScript.
- Building a telegram bot.
-Learnt about computer OS.
-Do more CP.
- Learn more about OS and networks.
- Stay off the grid and away from coding.
Actually messing with ubuntu was more fun...than web series...
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Jul 05 2020Yes
1) Worked on telegram bot...
2) Did some web stuff
3) Dual booted ubuntu with mac and exploring more in terminal
1) Work on web site
2) Read more about networks
3) Try to get comfortable in CLI
Watched a TV series
Samantha Paul
Jun 28 2020Yes
Working on automation bot
Learning Nodejs
Did lil web stuff
Complete a webpage
Complete bot work
Do something new!!
Watched movies,web series, bot work was fun too!..but lil annoying...
Manju M
Jun 21 2020No
- Did a lil frontend web stuff for internship project & worked on database
- Did lot of brainstorming discussions...
to complete 1 website
- learnt to use Adobe premiere pro
- Shot few videos for pitchfest finals
-Yoga day shooting (Promo)
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Jun 14 2020Yes
- learnt to use premier pro
- did telbot for OSL automation
- tried n failed to speak in front of camera for pitchfest
- wrote internals
- did brainstorming discussions
- should complete web project
- Start to learn something new
had no time for that
Ashwin Kumar
Jun 07 2020No
-I started learning PHP
-N did some front end stuff -Learning to-Explored lil abt telegram bots
-Wrote internals
N I'll continue web stuff
N learn more abt database
Web series
Gaurav Purswani
May 31 2020No
did some web stuff
half work done for automating my home's motor
Did some expt in raspi
doing a webpage for osl automation stuff...
1.learning to use bootstrap...it might take a few days to try out stuff ter...
2.figure out how to giv voice control...
3.learn a lot of backend stuff this week...for another project...
on the edge of giving up linking google sheets api to python code in raspi...ill try it for 1 last time...n think of alternatives...
4.write internals next week!!
Watch some movies and tv series
Avinash Arun
May 24 2020No
- Started a project with raspi
- For tat read a lot of research pprs...n learnt abt rs485 protocol...
- Also did some expt with raspi with some sensors
- Learning front end development
- Wrote boring assignment for IA2...n I hav no idea abt anything in academics of this sem
- Learnt abt few amazing CPP codes!
- Complete major part of raspi project
- write Assignments
- complete current season of the series...
Watched few series all night some days...
Ashwin Kumar
May 17 2020No
-Read n experimented lil about fuzzy logic on matlab
-read few research papers about extraction of data from RS485 protocol
-booted raspi n mess around with it
-solved 1 program n tried a few.
-wrote assignments
-learn to use modscan software
-learn n experiment with neural networks on matlab
-write assignments
-start with web stuff
Watched web series scorpion n blindspot...will continue tat...
Nagasandesh N