OSL Weekly

Soujanya N

DateVisited OSLLast WeekThis WeekFun StuffReporter
Jun 12 2022Yes
- Internals
- Yoga day preparation
- Yoga day participation
- Final year project paper and presentation
Watched "suits"
Derryl Kevin Monis
Mar 06 2022NA
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Jan 02 2022No
No response
No response
No response
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Oct 31 2021No
-Flight dynamics
-Started studying for exams
-Did a little work for final year project
-Continue studying for exams
-Work on python
Enjoy time at Goa
Kunal S
Sep 05 2021No
College works
Grey's anatomy
Vaibhav D S
Aug 15 2021No
Record , assignments and internals
Finish college work
Vaibhav D S
Jul 25 2021No
College works
Same as last week
Watched few series
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Jul 11 2021No
Internship at Sparks Foundation web dev
Couse on UI
College work
Watched few web series
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Jun 27 2021No
No response
No response
No response
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Jun 20 2021No
Finalized topics for mini projects
Continue working on figma
Start with R
Work on mini projects
Try finding an internship
Watching Anne with an E
Kratee Pareek
Jun 13 2021No
Finished one sign in screen for mobile ui
Worked on figma
Started working out
Did some research for mini projects
Continue working on figma
Try to learn something new
Continue working out🤞🏻
Watched movies
Derryl Kevin Monis
Jun 06 2021No
1. Worked with figma
2. Studied for afcat and ssb
1. Work with figma
2. Study for afcat and ssb
1. Watched the family man
Shreevari SP
May 30 2021No
- Worked with Jira and confluence for ux
- Worked with figma for ui
- Collaborated on a ux,ui project
- Continue working with figma for ui
- Continue collaboration for the project
Watched a movie
Derryl Kevin Monis
May 16 2021No
No response
No response
No response
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
May 02 2021No
Did general Web stuff
Continue with web stuff
Learn something new
Watched Lucifer
Vaibhav D S
Apr 25 2021No
Web stuff
Brooklyn 99
Kratee Pareek
Jan 10 2021No
Watched the Mentalist
Nidhi R
Dec 27 2020No
Little apti
Records and assignments
Records and assignments
Mini project-DBMS
Season 2 of the good doctor
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Dec 20 2020No
Studing aptitude, current affairs, little maths for competitive exams.
Continue with the same
- Watched The mentalist
- Cycling
Derryl Kevin Monis
Nov 29 2020No
Couldn't do anything due to festival
Not sure either work on toc or dbms
Enjoyed with Family
Srikeerthi S
Nov 22 2020No
She was ill and couldn't do anything
She is yet to be recovered still
Nithin Jaikar
Nov 15 2020No
E-yantra work
E-yantra work
Few web series...
Nagasandesh N
Nov 01 2020No
Did e-yantra work which involves Verilog coding for gates and few electric devices...
Continue with e yantra work
And nothing else planned
Watched Bbt
Srikeerthi S
Oct 11 2020No
Eyrc work
Started DBMS
Eyrc work
Continue with dbms
And some general apti
Watched BBT
Vibha Prasad
Oct 04 2020No
Studied for competitive exams
Studied git
Enrolled to hacktober fest
Work on hacktober fest
Continue studying for competitive exams
For fun
Finished scorpion
Kratee Pareek
Sep 27 2020No
started learning python from an app
read a little bit about flights
Read little afcat stuff (history)
-continuing python
-Some more afcat and flight
-might start with gate syllabus of I apply...
Saw Bbt and scorpion....
Sourabha G
Sep 20 2020No
And studied for competitive exams
Attended online classes
Continue studying for competitive exams
And nothing else planned
Watched Bbt and scorpion
Vibha Prasad
Sep 13 2020No
Little on Image processing
Gathering info on e yantra
Nothing planned
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Sep 06 2020No
-Attended online classes
-Started python
-it was not much productive
Continue with python
Watched comedies
Kunal S
Aug 30 2020No
Little for afcat
Few networking concepts
Study for afcat
And rest yet to plan
Watched scorpion and played few games
Vibha Prasad
Aug 16 2020No
Learnt a little about OOPS(java)
Competitive coding in c at Hackerrank
Some OIR
Some more of OIR
preparing for AIVSC
And learn java
Played few games and strated to read a book
Srikeerthi S
Aug 02 2020No
Some networking
And some os
Some aptitude
Personality development
Watched house md and played some games
Manju M
Jul 26 2020No
-Lab Records
- Assignments
Taking up a new course
Watching house MD and games
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Jul 19 2020No
Watched some house MD
Samantha Paul
Jul 12 2020No
Some web stuff
Little networking stuff
Some networking stuff
And some os stuff
Watched some mentalist and house md episodes
Avinash Arun
Jul 05 2020No
Last week
few things on os
Few web stuff
Next week
Web stuff
That's all planed
Fun stuff
Watched mentalist and upload
Chandan B Gowda
Jun 28 2020No
Bit of vr and os
Some more os and some coding
Watched mentalist and played few games
Neha B
Jun 21 2020No
I did a bit of VR and bit of coding
some more of vr and some os...
Table tennis
Pramod K
Jun 14 2020No
Basic of VR
Some more of VR
Nimesh M
Jun 07 2020No
Nothing productive last week:(
Learn about VR
Web series n movies
Sourabha G
May 31 2020No
- basics of embedded systems
- assignments
- few current affairs
Internals so nothing planned
Not sure yet, Probably some networking stuff
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
May 24 2020No
-tried to code a few c programs
-learn coding related to web
-study for SSB
-write assignments.
- writing assignment
-basics of microcontroller.
This week watched web series like the elementary.. played online/video games...and I met few of my friends
Kunal S
May 17 2020No
-read few things about networking(module 1)
-tried to code a few c programs
-studied for SSB (current affairs)
-wrote assignments
-learn coding with HTML
-study for SSB
-write assignments
-try to figure out something new to learn
This week watched few web series like the good wife and elementary.. played online games like pubg..
Sourabha G