OSL Weekly

Gaurav Purswani

DateVisited OSLLast WeekThis WeekFun StuffReporter
Sep 25 2022No
- Almost completed CTF competition work.
- Learned some concepts of docker.
- Learned some concepts of kubernetes.
- Complete CTF work.
- Learn some more docker and kubernetes concepts.
- Attended Bootcamp of my company.
- Watched BBT.
- Watched Indian Predator.
- Went out to meet some people.
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Sep 18 2022No
- Worked on ctfs challenges
- Started going to office again.
Next week:
- Complete testing all challenges and upload them
- Will go to out today
- Swimming
Aniruddha Bagal
Sep 04 2022No
This week:
- created some CTF challenges
- create some more challenges
- start with assessment of an application
- go to swimming
- YouTube
Aniruddha Bagal
Aug 28 2022No
- joined swimming
- worked on some CTF challenges
- Came to Mysore
- Laundry
- Go swimming
- create some more CTF challenges
- Start assessment of my first application
- Played FIFA 22
- Went out with some seniors
- Watched love death and robots
Swathi Meghana K R
Aug 21 2022No
- Started learning SAML and OAuth 2.0 in detail.
- Tested some components of an application in the company.
- Complete learning SAML and OAuth 2.0
- Finish the formalities required for travel and fitness compensation.
- Start testing a new component of the application I was testing.
- Played FIFA
- Roamed around a bit.
- Watched Love, Death & Robots( Really awesome show )
Vaibhav D S
Aug 14 2022No
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Jul 17 2022Yes
- internship work
- GSoC work
- research paper work
- internship work
- GSoC work
- went out
- movie
Kunal S
Jun 05 2022Yes
- Did some internship work
- started with GSoC project.
- Internship work
- GSoC project
- final year project
- seminar topic presentation
- interview for a security role.
- Visited Mysore palace
- corporate wars
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Apr 17 2022Yes
- Done with draft proposal of GSoC and got some reviews from mentors.
- Learned little about win32 API.
- Learned little about ctypes.
- Internship work.
- Internship work
- Work on reviews that I got on proposal
- Watched IPL matches
- Watched The Wolverine movie
Vaibhav D S
Apr 10 2022No
This week:
- started with GSoC proposal.
- discussed with mentor about the project
- Did some DSA
- planning to do the same.
- watched news about russia-ukraine crisis and Pakistan political crisis
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Mar 06 2022No
- internship work
- watched one ippsec video
- Read one chapter of atomic habits
- Watch some more ippsec videos
- internship work
- continue atomic habits.
- played FIFA and far cry new dawn
- watched Russia Ukraine crisis
Vaibhav D S
Feb 27 2022Yes
- Worked on internship project
- Monitored AWS bills of the company
- Sent some suggestions for cost optimization of AWS resources.
- Resume with learning new AWS services and concepts
- Create a template for deploying flask applications easily
- Played FIFA
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Feb 20 2022Yes
- internship work
- read some dart docs
- started reading a book
- Internship work
- Read some more dart docs
- watched rocket boys
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Feb 06 2022Yes
No response
No response
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Jan 09 2022Yes
- completed the deployment of the latest version
- Discussed about full time with scientist
- Learned basics of docker and how to create images.
- continue with docker and kubernetes.
- book my tickets to Mysore.
- do internship work
- started watching Daredevil
Vaibhav D S
Dec 19 2021No
This week:
- attended an interview
- internship work
Next week:
- finish off the remaining internship work.
- Spiderman no way home.
- went out
Nagasandesh N
Dec 12 2021Yes
- did some internship work
- attended 2 interviews
- continue with internship
- search for product based startups
- Went to watch a movie
Vaibhav D S
Nov 14 2021Yes
- Roughly implemented the internship project.
- started preparing for AWS cloud practitioner cert.
- Leaned some new AWS services and how to automate them using boto3.
- Planned and coordinated an event on Saturday.
- Finish syllabus of the AWS cert.
- Finish the internship project and start with another.
Went out with friends
Swathi Meghana K R
Nov 07 2021Yes
- attended HR of one company.
- learnt a bit about load balancers and auto scaling
- complete the first task given at internship
- Do one htb machine
- went to corner House
- Burnt some crackers
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Oct 31 2021Yes
- Learned AWS automation using boto3 and AWS load balancers.
- Will do some work but mostly enjoy.
- Went out with friends.
Megha Subramanya
Oct 24 2021Yes
- Did some DSA for interview.
- Attended placement traning and played games.
- started with an internship.
- Learnt basics of apache kafka.
- started with AWSCLI and boto3 with EC2 and S3 services.
- understand the work flow of the company.
- understand the project and do some planning.
- chilled out with 2 alumnis
- will watch ind vs pak today.
Kunal S
Oct 17 2021Yes
- Did some DSA
- read one blog on smb upload
- Learn flask
- watched some stand up comedy
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Oct 10 2021No
- reached hostel
- read about cors and same origin policy.
- did some challenges from port swigger lab.
- try more labs.
- make a plan on how to spend my time after classes start.
- played GTA San Andreas.
- watched some documentaries
Shreevari SP
Oct 03 2021No
- Did one vulnhub machine
- Got some career advice from a cousin
- Trying a medium level machine on HTB from a week but still no luck.
- Do one or two HTB machines.
- Pack and leave for mysore.
- Had lot of outside food.
- Watched some episodes of TMKOC and BBT
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Sep 19 2021No
- Did some powershell and c#
- Solved one machine on HackTheBox.
- Do some more c# and powershell
- Solve one machine on HTB.
- Watched some history documentaries.
- Watched some episodes of TMKOC
Nagasandesh N
Sep 12 2021No
- Did a box from Hackthebox and started a new box.
- Learned basics of C#.
- Read some blogs on server side request forgery.
- Continue learning C#.
- Do 1-2 active machines on Hackthebox.
- Watched one American war documentary.
- Watched history of Korean Peninsula.
Nidhi R
Sep 05 2021No
- Did a crash course on js, nodejs, express and django.
- Worked a little on zeroSama.
- Scheduled a meeting for discussion of synopsis.
- Did a box from hackthebox and got user of it.
- Start my balanced diet.
- Start going for morning walk.
- Do a crash course on asp.net
- Watched around 50 episodes TMKOC.
- Watched a documentary recommended by @shreevari
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Aug 22 2021No
- Landed last 4 PRs of my GSoC project.
- done with GSoC documentation final evaluation
- Learned some new powershell modules
- Added a module which exploits php-dev backdoor to metasploit
- Created v3 of my Resume and got it reviewed from many people.
- Planning to start a new project related to web-pentesting with metasploit
- watched sheershah movie,
- watched some episodes of TMKOC
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Aug 15 2021No
- worked on 4 PRs.
- Did 4 machines on Hackthebox.
- Complete GSoC evaluation.
- Finish with these 4 PRs.
- watched and read a lot about international wars.
- watched City of Dreams S2.
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Aug 01 2021No
Worked on GSoC stuff a little and wrote records
complete the PR opened last week and try to complete assignments and records
Watched 3 seasons of hello mini.
- big bang theory s 8
- Gulaal movie
- Mimi
Sourabha G
Jul 25 2021No
- Did one machine on hackthebox
- Opened 2 PRs
- Read about attacks using xml external entities
- Learned some new powershell cmdlets
- Read some 3-4 write-ups of different machines
- Open a PR which adds support for reading binary files from the target system for metasploit
- Do one machine from hackthebox or vulnhub
- Hopefully start with assignments
- Watched Hostel Daze s-2
- Watched Jamtara s-1
- Watched Hangama 2
Swathi Meghana K R
Jul 11 2021No
- Did some GSoC work.
- Read some write-ups.
- Do some portswigger labs.
- Read some write-ups.
- Start writing assignments
- watched 3-4 movies and one web series.
Soujanya N
Jul 04 2021No
- Read some bug bounty writeups.
- Scheduled a meeting for the OSL event.
- Did some GSoC work.
- Read some more bug bounty write-ups.
- Work on GSoC Project.
- Do portswigger Labs
Web series
Kratee Pareek
Jun 27 2021No
This week:
- Mostly was unproductive.
- Worked on one issue related to history_manager in metasploit.
- Continued my work on other PRs.
- Did 3 labs of portswihger
- Finish all the PRs which are currently open.
- Do 10-15 Portswigger labs.
- Read some bug bounty write-ups.
- Watched inside out.
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Jun 20 2021No
- Took rest and had fun most of the time.
- Opened a PR and worked very little on other PRs which were opened.
- Had a small discussion with mentor about the GSoC work.
- Had two meeting regarding the upcoming event of OSL.
- Read overview of Cyber laws and Information Technology Act 2000.
- Complete the PRs I'm currently working on.
- Open 1-2 PRs fixing the bugs I've found earlier.
- Read one chapter from Web Application hacker's handbook.
- Read Cyber laws in little more detail with respect to specific sections.
- Take out time and explore some random new things.
- Watched Special Ops show.
Derryl Kevin Monis
Jun 13 2021No
- Almost finished my GSoC project.
- Opened 4 PRs related to improvement of file system API which are currently under review.
- Finished and got merged 2 PRs which I opened last week.
- Read 1 chapter of Web Application Hacker's Handbook.
- Watched monthly meet of NullCon India.
- Read weekly wrap-up of Metasploit.
- Finish all the PRs which are currently open.
- Look for enhancements and bugs in POST API, if found will fix them.
- Continue reading Web Application Hacker's handbook.
- Do little bit DSA if time is there
- Watched Raya and the last Dragon which is a really awesome animated movie.
- Watched season 7 of Big Bang Theory.
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Jun 06 2021No
This week:
- Did 3 GSoC PRs, 2 got merged, 1 under review.
- Worked on 2 PRs which I'm planning to open tomorrow.
- Discussed career opportunities with some Seniors and a new connection on linkedIn.
- Cleaned my balcony.
- Discussed my GSoC work and plans with some friends.
- Saw some awesome projects on webGL and learned how to detect virtualization using that.
Next Week:
- Open atleast 3 PRs.
- Try to be little more productive.
- Will read some articles and watch some videos on bug hunting and webappsec.
- Watched Family Man season 2
- Watched season 6 of BBT.
Nagasandesh N
May 30 2021No
- Completed the history_manager PR .
- Talked with mentor about the project and other stuffs happening in metasploit.
- Did 2 GSoC PRs.
- Did some analysis of post exploitation APIs and found some bugs and duplication.
- Helped mom in kitchen.
- Watched one IPPSEC video.
- Saw news on COVID.
- Do atleast 2 PRs and try to get them merged in this week itself.
- Watch IPPSEC videos.
- Read some Red Teaming articles.
- Try to complete everything in GSoC project which I'm currently clear about.
Watched 2 web series
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
May 23 2021No
Worked on some PRs.
Read GSoC guidelines and completed the formalities.
Asked mentor about Community Bonding Period.
Looked at the project work I did before submitting the proposal.
continue with the PRs I'm currently doing.
Do one project related PR.
Ask someone what's happening in clg and complete assignments and all if there is any.
Watched 2 seasons of Hanna.
watched 2 movies.
Vaibhav D S
May 16 2021No
- Continued his work in history-manager PR.
- Did two more PR.
- Looked at auxiliary modules and some APIs in metasploit.
- Continue work on history_manager PR, will try to complete this week only.
- Will try to add a post exploitation module for enumerating privileges in metasploit.
- Will probably try to open some other PRs too...
Watched a Web-series Criminal Justice season 2
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Apr 25 2021No
- Did some PRs in my GSoC org.
- Had lot of discussions with my mentor related to some history issues.
- Read readline library of ruby in detail.
- Enhanced one module in msf.
- Finish the history related PRs and issues.
- Start understanding msf payloads.
- Do some contributions to msf payloads if if possible
- Will also look for other places for improvement in msf
- Watched a movie
Derryl Kevin Monis
Jan 17 2021No
- Came back to Mysore.
- Did some TryHackMe rooms.
- Went through formalities of internship.
Will do some CTFs
Watched some episodes of BBT
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Jan 10 2021Yes
-Did lots of CTFs on TryHackMe on privesc, reversing, stego and web.
-Do a lot of CTFs.
-Go to Mysore.
-Some episodes of BBT.
Nimesh M
Jan 03 2021No
-Did many CTFs.
-wrote some assignments.
Same as last week
Saw some movies and some episodes of bbt
Kunal S
Dec 27 2020No
-Started with assignments, records and observations.
-Found some osint resources.
-working on dbms mini project
-most probably will do the same.
-If time is left then will start with x86_64 assembly.
-watched BBT season 4.
-watched Mulan movie.
-watched KGF part 1.
Vibha Prasad
Dec 20 2020No
-Learned shellcoding execve and reverse tcp shellcode and how to create simple shellcode from system call captured through c executables.
-Learned how to bypass stackoverflow mitigations like nx and aslr.
-Learned Django and basics of css and bootstrap.
-Started mini project.
-Found many resources for better osint and it's methodology.
-Learned Return-Oriented Programming chains.
-Did some challenges on Linux Privesc.
-Talked with some people about oscp, certification consideration in interviews and little about work.
-Complete mini project.
-Write all remaining assignments and records.
-If time remains will add some vulnerabilities to mini project and post on github.
-Watched some episodes of BBT.
Manju M
Dec 06 2020No
-Learned stack based buffer overflow on x86 Linux.
-Learned baaic assembly operations using stack and registers and how to find bad characters in shellcode.
-Saw one write-up of a machine.
-learned how to get shellcode from many places and create using msfvenom.
- created a basic exit shellcode.
- will learn how to bypass some mitigations implemented to avoid stack overflow.
- will learn how to write tcp and execve shellcode.
Started bbt again
Derryl Kevin Monis
Nov 29 2020No
- learned JavaScript basics and how to handle cookies and elements for xss.
- learned JavaScript obfuscation and basic deobfuscation tools.
- learned little about rails, mvc, routes etc.
- Did some client side web pentest challenges.
- Read about pentesting REST APIs.
- will continue playing client side web CTFs.
- Will start learning x86 binary exploitation.
- watched Liarliar.
- watched BBT season 2.
Umesh A
Nov 15 2020No
-Did some web pentesting challenges.
-read about JWT and different ways to exploit them.
-Got some pentesting career advice from a friend.
-will do many web challenges from root-me and ovad.
-scam 1992.
-some episodes of young sheldon
Sanjith PK
Nov 08 2020No
- Read about sections of memory of an executable like .text, .data, stack and heap.
- Read about variants of registers in x86 and x86_64.
- Read about registry exploits.
- Pwned one box and did some challenges in hackthebox.
- Learned SSH local port forwarding.
- Played for some time with Recon-NG.
- will do some challenges or box in hackthebox.
- will read about Linux executables and sysinternals.
- Young Sheldon
- Inside Edge
Swathi Meghana K R
Nov 01 2020No
-Read SQL and did sql challenges from Hackerrank.
-Did some CTF challenges.
-Will read more about windows executables.
-Will read more about windows privilege escalation.
-Will see some videos on Attack and Defend active directory.
Completed BBT
Kunal S
Oct 25 2020No
-Read about win32 APIs.
-Did regex challenges from Hackerrank.
-Read about APK format and some apk decompiling and recompiling tools.
-learned differences and similarities bw PEs,EXEs,DLLs,ELFs,SOs.
-Read DLL hijacking and exploiting unquoted service path.
-Read about rpsec and ruby style guide.
-Learned some proper ways to create issues, do PRs and some other do's and don'ts while contributing.
-Helped mom in kitchen.
-Complete ruby style guide and rspec.
-continue reading x86 disassembly book.
-watched mirzapur season 2.
-watched around 15 episodes of BBT.
Manju M
Oct 18 2020No
-Didn't do as planned last week coz found a really good book on x86 disassembly.
-Read about assembling and compiling and busted some myths about them.
-Read about issues of decompiling and disassembly.
-Read about basics of debugging and breakpoints.
-Found some really useful tools to extract some kind of data from ELFs or PEs like objdump, WinDbg etc.
-Searched some reverse engineering frameworks.
-Read about hex editors for binary patching.
-Found an amazing community of reverse engineering enthusiasts.
- started regex challenges from Hackerrank
-Helped my mom in kitchen and some other works
-will continue reading the book I started.
-Will try to finish regex challenges by today itself.
TBBT 10 episodes
Umesh A
Oct 11 2020No
- Took a session on git and github basics in Open Hack sprint 2020
-Revised git concepts and learned some new useful tricks.
-Study some cryptography
-See some Ippsec videos
-Completed Made in Heaven webseries
-Watched some episodes of BBT
- Painted some flower pots and will be painting remaining next week
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Oct 04 2020No
-Started with little java.
-Read about CI, build,tests and their automation.
-Read about structure of a ruby project, Gemfile, rakefile, rake, Travis(CI automation tool) etc.
-Learned socket programming and multithreading in ruby and made a small chatroom based on that(mini-irc).
-Learned lil Jekyll (structure, layouts, front matter etc.)
-Did some typing practice.
-Some hacktoberfest works.
-Complete Jekyll and maybe write a blog.
- will do some Ruby for pentesting and will try to implement that by making a small project.
Watched few episodes of BBT
Kunal S
Sep 27 2020No
-Did some Java and read about JVM and how it works.
- Helped in formulating the guidelines for OSL.
-Planned for hacktoberfest.
-Did one VM from vulnhub.
-Will continue java
Watched some episodes of TBBT
Umesh A
Sep 20 2020No
-Did some ruby and python from hackerrank
-typing practice
-solved one vulnhub machine
-Solve a vulnhub machine.
-Do some Java from Hackerrank and geeksforgeeks.
-Completed bbt one season
-watched the boys episode 5
Pramod K
Sep 06 2020No
Did some web and network pentesting challenges.
Study automata
Watched BBT season 1
Samantha Paul
Aug 30 2020No
-Did some machines on hackthebox.
-read about irc protocol and connecting to irc networks.
-read about some OSCP resources and journeys.
-Read about a vulnerability in D-Link dir 600m router and exploited it.
-found some tools to decompile c binaries and capturing dynamic library calls while execution for reverse engineering(ltrace and ghidira).
-helped mom in kitchen.
Hackthebox subscription over so will switch to vulnhub and learn according to it.
-watched family man.
-watched some episodes of bbt.
Nimesh M
Aug 23 2020No
-Did some hackthebox machines
-Read about pop3 and imap, there commands and userenum through them.
-Saw some advanced nmap scans
-Read about https decrypting with Wireshark
-Read about mikrotik and routeros
-read about Kerberos auth in detail and kerberosting
-Learned some active directory terms and windows privesc(really struggling to understand this)
-Learned cracking password protected zip and rar files with John
-Read some bufferoverflow blogs and did some basic exercises.
-Read some Linux commands and their options which make things little easier.
-Started using powercat, jaws, pspy and impacket example scripts for windows privesc.
Will do hackthebox and learn according to that.
Watched some big bang theory episodes
Manju M
Aug 16 2020No
-Read about heartbleed vulnerability and it's effects on real world and it's exploitation methodology.
-Read little about Kerberos
-Completed some machines in Hackthbox
-Learned how to connect to old ssh servers.
-Read little about finger protocol.
-Did some google Dorking.
Will do hackthebox and learn according to it.
Watched Khuda Hafiz and some episodes of BBT
Kratee Pareek
Aug 09 2020No
-Pwned some Machines on Hackthebox.
-Read little about zfs.
-Saw some videos on pi-hole.
-Leanred about shellshock vulnerability and how to exploit it manually.
-Saw some awesome webshells and tried them.
-Saw many ways to transfer file from Linux to windows and execute it.
-Learned little about compiling tools from source code and installing it.
-Did some forensics in htb machine to recover the file with different tools.
-Read about miria malware.
-Read about distcc
and eternalblue.
-Helped his mom in kitchen
- Will do HackTheBox and learn other things as required by it.
No fun
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Jul 26 2020No
Completed records
Take Hackthbox vip and start with that....take breaks and check hacker news in bw
More over he was busy with the records
Nithin Jaikar
Jul 19 2020No
-Set up smb server
-Learned some ruby
-Read about Apache tomcat, servlets and jsp
-and jsp's compilation and execution
-found some privilege escalation resources
-Read about the Twitter hack
-Read about eternal blue exploit of windows
-Write record
-will buy htb vip
-not decided anything else
Watched some episodes of BBT
Sourabha G
Jul 12 2020No
Had fun
Thinking to start work again
Completed breathe 2 and 1 season of BBT
Kratee Pareek
Jul 05 2020No
-Started with ruby
-Got an archive for privesc
-Mostly had fun only
-Finish overthewire natas wargame
-Decide what next to do in ruby
-Will focus on tech only -If time permits will do hackthebox or start collecting resources for binary exploitation
-Completed 3 seasons of BBT
Srikeerthi S
Jun 28 2020No
Just had fun
Will resume with network's book.
-Completed 2 seasons of BBT
-Completes Good Omens
- 2-3 movies
Vibha Prasad
Jun 21 2020No
Tried some vulnhub VMs
Got root of two VMs
Will try new machine on htb
Nothing else decided
He completed good omens series
Nithin Jaikar
Jun 14 2020No
-Booted parrot on enitre SSD
-overcome some grub issues
-Completed 7-8 levels of natas(a wargame)
In which I practiced many things like blind sql inj...code injection...and many php concepts and wrote some python scripts to get the flag.
-Got one user flag in htb.
-learned different ways to bypass file upload security.
-Got to know some ways to inject into session variables.
-learned some concepts of Linux from scratch.
-complete natas all levels
-start with vulnhub machines if possible or start some other series of overtheiwre
-Read about ADDS
-Will try to start with reverse engineering.
NO fun 😂
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Jun 07 2020No
-Removed efi partition of my laptop by mistake
-Fixed it through live boot
-Removed partitions table from SSD
-Got 2 user flags and 1 root flag in hackthebox
-Read about requests module and wrote a script to brute Force http-form with anticsrftokens.
-Read about static and Dynamic linking.
-Read about re module in python
-Try hackthebox
-continue natas: overtehwire
-Upload some scripts to github
No fun😂
Derryl Kevin Monis
May 31 2020No
Read about post exploitation enumeration
-some IPSes
-Study fr internals
-try some machines in tryhackme
-Started Penny dreadful season 2
Manju M
May 24 2020No
Last week:
Completed some hacking games...
Next week:
Chandan B Gowda
May 17 2020No
-Read about command and code injections
-RIPv1(2) EIGRP DV LS protocols
-Trying hackthebox
-read network layer
-try hackthebox
Web series - patal lok, Penny Dreadful season 1

Movies - Laal kaptaan
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza