OSL Weekly

Nithin Jaikar

DateVisited OSLLast WeekThis WeekFun StuffReporter
Apr 03 2022No
Not reporting anymore
Not reporting anymore
Not reporting anymore
Gaurav Purswani
Mar 13 2022No
Gaurav Purswani
Feb 27 2022No
no report
no report
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Feb 13 2022No
Not a member anymore
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Dec 05 2021No
reportee offline
reportee offline
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Oct 10 2021Yes
- learning and setting up VPS
- fixing final glitches and launch server
Travelling to native place
Sourabha G
Aug 01 2021Yes
-debugging IP address
-subnetting local network
-HR skills
-deep and dark web browsing for black hat methods of hacking
-practicing the art of anonymity with multiple spoofing methods.
-devops sec and exploitation methods
-practice more anonymizing methods
-complete two hacking course
-practice social engineering exploitation
-Computer games
-roaming around clg
-surprise meet-up
Megha Subramanya
Jul 18 2021Yes
-started with perl (syntax, variables, print)
-ansible(commands, basics of playbook)
-python(network automation tools)
-bitbake basics
-get started with rust
-refresh with bash n improve more bash scripting
-refresh ethical hacking and start BIOS, theardlink hacking.
-Dig more in OS development
-con call
-Group chat
Swathi Meghana K R
Jul 11 2021No
-bitbake basics
-yacto project overview structure
-basics of raspi booting process
-CPU/GPU use case in OS compilation
-what is SElinux (only concept)
-job Hunts
-dive deep into networks
- get started with ansible, openstack
-get started with wireshark
-dive deep in network automations in python
-device files /dev/zero handling
Chit chats
Con calls
Vaibhav D S
Jul 04 2021No
IP address classes(A,B,C,D)
IP address (broadcast address n DHCP)
Some details about yocto project,
Tested come code.. on filesystem
Installing arch Linux and booting details of linux. Partition Filesystems.. /etc directory
Next week start
DSA for gate n placement
Solve some bug of criu
Bitbake some kernels or costum linux
Fun part conference calls, cooking.. playing CTF
Sourabha G
Jun 27 2021No
- learnt about namespaces and fs systems
-bootloaders- grub.
-bios- EFI,seabios,uboot,coreboot
-yacto project overview (discovering the tool)
-overview of linux OS customisation
-data structure n algorithm in c (struct topic)
-Arcg linux installation..
-Explore btrfs file system architecture
-dive more into device ID and inode number of a process
-mapped files and linked list analysis of a process
Dig more on live migrations of process
Prank call to random ppl
Conference call
Vaibhav D S
Jun 13 2021No
-worked on a patch for btrfs file system
-learnt using header files and it's concepts,
-extern,static keywords and it's importance
-segmentation fault core dumped error analysis and handling them
-phising attack concepts and tools
-started working on password prediction method
-started analysis of digital fingerprinting analysis.
-Work on shared memory allocation process
-how the shared memory is differentiated with process,
-dev files and dev directory
-And some more security assessment
-password prediction methods n digital fingerprinting methods
Fun cooking, con call, music
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Jun 06 2021No
- learnt about /dev directory and dev files
- explored /proc/$pid/months directory and understood the mount point
-got to knw what is filesystem (properly) and different filesystem like fuse,btrfs,ext[2,3,4], overlayfs aufs,
-Very basics of name spaces
-very basics of ethical hacking like methods of information gathering, capturing handshakes of wifi,
-worked on concept of Google Dorking and developing a project based on it.(mini project)
-wokring ML based idea for password generator to brute forcing and secured login.
- understand namespace in depth find some fix for errors in btrfs
-Work around my security projects and mini project.
Adopt the changes or domain based on the error.
Conference call with frnds
Tease my mom n get scolding..
Sourabha G
May 09 2021No
-debugging code of criu
- efficient usage of GDB,nemiver..
-fixing dependencies and
-understanding structure and pointer wrt criu code base
-fixing network issues in remote connections and remote sever
-debugging code of criu
-use dockers to containerize the task and run it in isolation
-fix network issues in remote connections and remote sever (if it occurs)
-look more abt embedded Linux and c groups for embedded Linux.
-Confernce calls with frnds
-enjoy fighting with mom
Megha Subramanya
May 02 2021No
Last week
-Debugging the env process and understanding the memory contents of the process.
- Solve the issue of remote connections
- Debugging the env process introduce debugging logs remake and rerun the tests.
- Understand network module with respect to OS
- Solve the issues of remote connections is it comes
Fun part conference call with frnds, get scolding from mom
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Apr 25 2021No
-I'm working on shared memory in ram.
-Checkpoint and restore of the process.
-Ram address mapping.
-hardware debugging.
As a GSoC work
-Run tests on my working environment
-Testing the shared memory regions
-testing c codes for shared memory area
-cooking out new dishes
-concall with frnds
Megha Subramanya
Dec 27 2020No
- Attended Laser Cutting workshop by Ktech Innovation hub, Mysore.
- Didn't do any productive activities.
- No particular Tasks have been planned for the upcoming week.
TV and series
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Nov 29 2020No
-Basic understanding of PID control system
Next week
-coppeliasim modeling and python API control system for Bal balancing platform to balance
-design one automation project
-completed Money heist all 4 seasons
-completed one season Dr House
-other Movies
-Went outing and hometown
Nidhi R
Nov 22 2020No
-Coppeliasim dymani model building using python API
-started with Verilog. Did two mini projects in tht
-Reading Docs on coppeliasim Lua API
- Refer basic PLC programming. HMI programming docs
-Start with PID control theory
-coppeliasim modeling of ball balancing platform
-Finished season 4 Sherlock
Swathi Meghana K R
Nov 08 2020Yes
-Worked on openCV edge detection
-Coppeliasim- model building, scene hierarchy, basic understanding of child script, regular API in LUA, python API for coppeliasim.
-Python : dictionary programming, sorting, appending
-Work on openCV perspective transform, numpy array of image, operation on image array, video analysis.
-Coppeliasim : model building by programming, communication between simulator and remote control API.
-Python : dig more in dictionary programming, sorting, appending
Nagasandesh N
Nov 01 2020No
worked on image processing opencv-python
worked on dictionary, array's
coppeliasim robotics simulation
work more on python
Start working on python API for coppeliasim
Lua programming for coppeliasim
Vaibhav D S
Oct 18 2020No
-Network theory : capacitor transient analysis
-compitative coding: python,Lua
-Theory of digital images and digital images processing
-Machine learning: object detecting in picture and video
-Theory of digital images processing
-Machine learning: competition of object detecting in picture and video
-Learn 2D Array and tables in LUA and Python
Pramod K
Oct 11 2020No
Last week
-I was preparing for gate exam
And subject what I read was
Network theory: transient analysis inductors.
Analog electronics: Schmitt trigger, non inverting Schmitt triggers, special Schmitt triggers in op-amp.
-Started with basic understanding of robots, looked some of robot design .
-Programming in LUA: starting with syntax.
-Maze solving algorithm theory.
-started to learn how to use V-rep robotics simulation software
-job hunts
This week
-Continue Preparing for gate.
Network theory: transient analysis of capacitors.
Analog electronics: precision rectifiers
-3D model some robots and understand the basic mechanical design
-Programming in LUA: control statements and loops
-V-rep robotics simulation: basic understanding of objects and sensors.
-job hunts.
Fun part
-Connecting con call teasing eachother
-podcasts, musics, memes
Gaurav Purswani
Oct 04 2020No
-Network theory
-------- two port network
-analog circuits
--------- operation amplifier and application op-amp 741
-basics of 3D field and kinematics,
-read the docs of "LUA" language with hello world.
-Continue network theory and analog electronics
-Along with these start machines theory
-Continue Lua programming.
-Do E-yantra works and assignments
-Search Github for hackocthber fest
-To understand kinematics programming of ball balancing robot
chit chat with frnd's watch movies hear Podcasts
Manju M
Sep 27 2020No
Studied these
- Network Theory
- Analog Electronics
- Electromagnetic Field Theory
Continue studying the same topics
Cooking sandwiches, briyanis, panner tikka, completed Sherlock S4
Kunal S
Sep 20 2020No
was preparing for gate exam
Preparation for the exam continues
1. Podcast
2. Movies
3. Travelled to home town
Swathi Meghana K R
Sep 13 2020No
I was preparing for gate exam with different subjects
Prepare for gate exam
Movies, put con call tease eachother, make some Savage txt
Vibha Prasad
Aug 23 2020No
- Tried to root my phone but failed
- Worked with ADB
- Fastboot loader in ADB shell
- Analysis of gate syllabus
- Started OS
- Work on random subjects in CS and EEE
- Roaming around the city
- Cooking kabab
- Movies
Derryl Kevin Monis
Aug 16 2020No
-worked on signals and control system
-worked on ADB shell and fastboot
-trying root my phone
-Preparing for Gate 2021
Same plans
Went out safely
Watched movies
Neha B
Aug 09 2020No
Random experiments python on telegram bot, class, def, *agrs **kwagrs, what is YAML, and some docs about google api
To finish this python telegram bot and start preparing for the gate 2021..
wasted whole week for searching best coding based web series
Vibha Prasad
Aug 02 2020No
worked on google apis, python, node js, and telegrambot..
This week planning the same with some microcontroller and networking basics
Cooking & seeing series.
Umesh A
Jul 26 2020No
I worked on nodejs, basics of 8051, started to read OS and networking books
continue the same things this week too
completed scorpion series, watched some movies...
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Jul 19 2020No
worked on Earth data , satellite data processing, hdf files extraction, some nodejs works.
k work on hdf files, nodejs, start to read networks
completed scorpion season 2,3, cooked briyani, blended butter fuirt
Avinash Arun
Jul 12 2020No
Read little about network programming in Go

Extracted data from HDF files(internship work)

Exploring ubuntu

Researched about how to use wifi signals for imaging
Internship work

Read more about GO

Explore more about imaging using wifi signals
Watched webseries
Sourabha G
Jul 05 2020Yes
-learnt some basics of HTML CSS and php
-completed OSL automation using telegram bot
-refreshed some C basics
- started use computer in terminal session
-started learning Golang basics
started new project for OSL ie facial attendance system
-continue learning golang
-leaen more terminal operation
-finish the facial attendance system project
-brush up python
Apart from this competed scorpion season 1 and started 2, n watched blindspots 3 n 4 episode, cooked BBQ chicken n hairali chicken kabab, grill chicken, motton briyani, n briyani in bamboo
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Jun 28 2020Yes
-Learnt html, css level 1
-worked on osl automation project for which used node.js
-glanced on computer networks
-to study computer networks
-fix bugs in the osl automation project along with improving telegram bot security
Completed watching scorpion season1
Watched movie chhichhore
Watched Sherlock's 3 episodes some cooking
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Jun 21 2020No
- Video shoot and editing with Premeir Pro, for a idea pitching competition.
-learnt HTML, CSS and xampp.
- Attended online quizzes and webinars.
- planing to approach Ksrtc division officer for some project and work for the same.
Watched imitation game and Sherlock season 1
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Jun 14 2020Yes
- Worked with raspi for OSL automation using telegram bot
- Worked on raspy and adc connection
- Shot a video for our pitch fest
- Learnt premere pro
- Worked on writing bash script in Windows
- Visited 66kv distributing station
- Create an plan for ksrtc personal project
- And start ML and DL things
- Go with the flow
- Apart form from this tight schedule teased each other with shooting had best time
- Cooking
Derryl Kevin Monis
Jun 07 2020No
Last week design a telegram bot
Which is used for notes handling for vtu electrical students
Coded some ML mini project
last week Done Planing for ur main project aisa.
Start to code for OSL automation using telegram bot with sourabha
This week to visit multiple electrical gird to collect data for our main project aisa and do market survey. And learn some database management system
Funny thing visited osl.. sat on chair roamed all over it with chair
Suresh N
May 31 2020No
Last week not much productive works.I just wrote some python code for OSL automation using raspi and wrote internals
Next week full of internals and some internship works
Baked pastry
And played with my cousins
Pramod K
May 24 2020No
worked on some AI. Techniques to power system and done I/O mappings for data acquisition system
Continue working on AI techniques to power system and if any works in internship
Swimming in Instagram n fighting with Mom
Neha B
May 17 2020No
I worked on fuzzy logics and nerual network to power system, since it's huge topic I couldn't complete
Continue with fuzzy logic and neural network and yet to start ETAP ( Electrical transients analyser program) based assignment of my internship
Funny things like while cooking, putting lil water oil enjoying the sound giving huge build up as am cooking.
Sanjith PK