OSL Weekly

Nimesh M

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Apr 17 2022No
- Preparing for GRE
- Building my portfolio
- Working on final year project
Prolly will stick with the same schedule
Watch IPL, listen to music, and watching HIMYM
Kratee Pareek
Mar 06 2022No
No plans
Netflix n music
Kratee Pareek
Feb 13 2022No
study and chill time.
study and prepare presentation for conference paper.
Netflix, hotstar, prime video hardcore streaming

listened to Music
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Nov 28 2021No
No response from source
No response from source
No response from source
Gaurav Purswani
Nov 14 2021Yes
Focused on masters application
Masters application
Survey for final year
Watching you on Netflix
Vaibhav D S
Oct 31 2021No
No response
No response
No response
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Oct 10 2021No
-Internship work
-Conducted Final year Project plan
-Prepared for TOEFL
-Internship work
-Conducted Final year Project plan
-Prepared for TOEFL
Music, Netflix, documentaries
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Oct 03 2021No
- Continuing my internship
- Concentrating on classes.
- Intensely preparing for TOEFL exam.
- Continuing my internship
- Concentrating on classes.
- Intensely preparing for TOEFL exam.
Music and Netflix documentaries
Vaibhav D S
Sep 12 2021No
been doing internship work and Started with his final year project
continue with same
music and fitness workout
Kratee Pareek
Aug 15 2021No
studying for internals and chilling...
Apart from that, I started my serious preparation for GRE. I I'll resume my internship from next week
Amazon prime shows, music, and works out
Kratee Pareek
Aug 08 2021No
- Studied for GRE
- started relearning react js
- concentrating on Internals and GRE
- Music
- Movies
Shreevari SP
Jul 25 2021No
- Internship work(worked on a feature using flutter)
- Studied for GRE exam
- Same as previous week
- Working on the portfolio
- Spent time with friends
- Listened to music
- watched movies
Shreevari SP
Jul 11 2021No
- Internship work (Wrote design doc on implementing CI/CD with fastlane for a flutter project, worked on front-end bugs and features)
- Studies
- Worked on my personal website and portfolio.
- Study more
Watched documentaries
Kratee Pareek
Jun 27 2021No
Worked on fixing few bugs relating to UI controllers(flutter framework) at my internship workplace.

Worked on my portfolio artifacts

Worked on portfolio website.

Resumed studying for GRE.
Work on fixing few bugs relating to UI controllers(flutter framework) at my internship workplace.

Work on my portfolio artifacts

Work on portfolio website.

Continue studying for GRE.
Songs and YT videos
Sourabha G
Jun 20 2021No
- learnt fastlane for CI CD
- relearning react from scratch
- don't know
- music
Nidhi R
Jun 13 2021No
- Learnt CI/CD with GitHub actions and fastlane.
- Learnt flutter testing
- Internship work.
- Studying.
- Working on my UX portfolio
Prolly same thing.
Megha Subramanya
Jun 06 2021No
Learnt dart, flutter
Learning state management, testing, and bloc pattern in flutter
Music, movies.
Patil Chanchal Vinod
May 30 2021No
Past week:
- Internship work
- Learnt flutter and dart programming
- Studies
This week:
- Internship work
- Studies.
- YT videos
- Music
- Physical fitness
Kratee Pareek
May 23 2021Not responding
Not responding
Not responding
Not responding
Gaurav Purswani
May 16 2021No
I interviewed with Brane Enterprises.
Studied data structures
Prepared for internal tests
Planning to contest in a hackthon.
Will work on internship project.
Movies, music etc
Derryl Kevin Monis
May 09 2021No
- Worked on data structures
- Preparation for GRE
- Study for internal tests
- Netflix
- Music
- Walking through random Django code samples on GitHub
Derryl Kevin Monis
May 02 2021No
Finished dictionary web app.
Midway through completing my website.
Studying for GRE and internals.
Yet to decide
Trying to have fun everyway possible
Kunal S
Apr 25 2021No
- I worked on Django Corona virus tracker website.
It isn't responsive.


- I started learning tensorflow and built simple Sequential models to predict house prices and to detect image.
I'm currently building Django news app. I plan to finish that next week.

I'll keep learning tensorflow until I finish it.

I'll probably finish my website design as well.
Watch IPL,
Watch House of Cards.
Gaurav Purswani
Jan 10 2021No
Study (college curriculum)
Again he said the same! All day just study for upcoming exams
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Jan 03 2021No
Studied for IA3
Write IA3
Nothing much
Sourabha G
Dec 20 2020No
Finished DBMS mini project.
Started data analytics course on IBM skillsbuild.
Next week:
Start preparing for exams.
Gaurav Purswani
Dec 13 2020No
- On the verge of finishing Django DBMS mini project.
- Studying subjects listed in syllabus.
- Worked on portfolio.
- Study..
- Complete mini project.
Movies, music
Vibha Prasad
Dec 06 2020No
-Worked on DBMS lab mini project.
-Solved few problems on leet code.
-Working on a newsletter design.
-Finish mini project.
-Start react project.
-Watched tenet
Swathi Meghana K R
Nov 29 2020No
worked on DBMS mini project with Django.
Solved with algorithmic problems on leet code.
Upcoming week:
Work on Mini project.
Music, Amazon prime shows, physical fitness.
Avinash Arun
Nov 22 2020No
Worked on mini project (Blog application) using Django.
Start preping for exams
Watched "The office"
Derryl Kevin Monis
Nov 08 2020No
-Started learning Django architecture (MVC)
Reference: Django documentation, MDN documentation.
-Progressed in building portfolio
-Continue learning Django
-Start studying the college curriculum
-Watched documentaries on Netflix
-Listened to music, watched IPL, played among us
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Oct 25 2020No
Android development (developed miwok language learning app),
Online classes.
start with networking in Android development.
Amazon prime, Netflix shows, music
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Oct 18 2020No
I focused on Android development, Unix commands.
I focused on Android development, Unix commands.
Netflix, prime video, IPL, music.
Kratee Pareek
Oct 11 2020No
-Started course on Unix in Coursera by John Hopkins university.
Complete the that started (Unix) course
Prime video, music and hangouts with friends
Nithin Jaikar
Sep 20 2020No
Revised data structures, Worked on front end design, Competitive coding on hackerrank, registered for kickstart round f
Started Django project(Simple Blog), Started OOPS with Java
Netflix, amazon prime video, music, fitness workout
Umesh A
Sep 13 2020No
-Started competitive coding, in hackerrank and codechef.
-Learning to develop firebase-react application,
-Focusing on UX design especially on prototyping and wireframes using Adobe XD and illustrator for designs.
Has not planned
Music, fitness, Netflix
Srikeerthi S
Aug 23 2020No
Learnt python again,
Started UX case study with a simple project,
Hoping to learn web development with flask
Music, watched narcos Mexico and fresh prince of Bel air
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Aug 16 2020No
- Learning Data Structures operations using Python - building React app, UX design
same as previous week
Watched movies and series in OTT platforms -Music
Nagasandesh N
Aug 09 2020No
Website development with react,
UX design and case study
This week:
I'm continuing the same thing.
Netflix, music and physical fitness.
Avinash Arun
Aug 02 2020No
Started react project,
Remaining WhatsApp UX in Adobe XD.
Continue with the previously mentioned projects.
Fun activities:
Netflix shows,
Physical fitness,
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Jul 26 2020No
Learnt react again
Started building simple full stack web app
Focused on giving speeches in Toastmasters
Continuing the web development
Netflix shows
Fitness workout
Vaibhav D S
Jul 19 2020No
I learnt react again from net ninja.

Focussed on UX design for a chat app.
Toastmasters meetings,

Continue learning react and start to build a full stack web app.
Netflix shows,
Fitness training,
Neha B
Jul 12 2020No
1) Started personal web development project.
2) Attended Toastmasters meetings
Continue web development project
Watched Netflix shows,
Listened to music.
Kunal S
Jul 05 2020No
Started UX design course on Coursera,
Had toastmasters work.
Resume UX design course,
Attend and conduct toastmasters meetings.
Watched dark,
Listened to music and podcasts.
Nithin Jaikar
Jun 28 2020No
Worked on podcast,
Started learning UX design
work on podcast
Watched Netflix shows,
Listened to music.
Soujanya N
Jun 21 2020No
Worked on podcast.
Work on podcast
Start learning machine learning
Watched Netflix shows
Listened to music
Physical fitness
Samantha Paul
Jun 14 2020No
-worked on podcast
-Learnt Java
Work more on podcast.
Binge watch Netflix shows and documentary
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Jun 07 2020No
I was working on podcast,
Learnt Java
Working on podcast
Listening to music
Watched documentaries and shows on Netflix
Manju M
May 31 2020No
working on podcast
reading books
Working on podcast
Binge watched "Better call Saul"
Kunal S
May 24 2020No
Started writing a book
Started with Android app development
Studied little.
Nothing planned yet.
Hang with friends at home.
Played CS go.
Binge watched Netflix shows.
Pramod K
May 17 2020No
Worked on OSL website,
Worked on implementing UIF project,
Completed Level 3 in Toastmasters,
Watched Ozark,
Studied a little cause I had to complete assignments lol.
don't have predefined goal yet
Watched Ozark
Gaurav Purswani