OSL Weekly

Neha B

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Oct 11 2020No
--left osl
--nomore at osl
I have no clue
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Oct 04 2020No
-Completed a notes app in kotlin using room database and mvvm pattern.
-Solved a few problems on hackerrank in java.
-Started working a quiz app.
-Work on the quiz app that uses room and mvvm pattern.
-Try to incorporate coroutines in the quiz app.
Watched a few episodes of suits.
Sourabha G
Sep 27 2020No
Worked on quiz app
Started a notes app using kotlin and coroutines
Complete the notes app
Start working on another similar app using kotlin
Watched 'how to get away with murder'
Nagasandesh N
Sep 20 2020No
-Worked on an app for a school
-Started working on a notes app in kotlin which uses mvvm pattern and room database.
-conducted a workshop on java
-Continue working on both the projects.
Baked muffins and binge watched "how to get away with murder"
Derryl Kevin Monis
Sep 13 2020No
Learnt the basics of kotlin
Started working on coroutines and did a sample app on it
Start working on android apps using kotlin
Watched web series and movies
Manju M
Sep 06 2020No
Completed with kotlin basics.
Strated with coroutines.
Complete coroutines and start with android (kotlin)
Binge watched how to get away with murder
Pramod K
Aug 23 2020No
Started learning kotlin
Solved problems on hackerrank
Finish with kotlin basics
Start with android-kotlin
Solve problems on hackerrank
Binge watched how to get away with murder
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Aug 16 2020No
Took AAD exam
Started with kotlin basics
Continue with kotlin basics
Binge watched all the Harry Potter movies
Manju M
Aug 09 2020No
- Prepared for AAD certifications - -Worked on room database and mvvm concept
Take up Certification Start with Android (Kotlin)
Baked Cake and watched few movies
Nagasandesh N
Jul 26 2020No
Worked on android architectural components
Continue with Android work
Watched a few webseries
Sourabha G
Jul 19 2020No
worked on a sample app based on architectural components
Continue working on the sample app and start a health app
Watched a few movies
Vibha Prasad
Jul 12 2020No
Worked on a sample app based on android architectural components
Continue working on the sample app
Watched web series and movies on netflix
Soujanya N
Jul 05 2020No
Worked on quiz app
Completed contacts app
Continue working on quiz app
Start another app based on android architectural components
Watched friends and upload
Soujanya N
Jun 28 2020No
Started working on a contacts app
Completed a quiz app
Planning to complete the contacts app
Watched big bang theory and Friends
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Jun 21 2020No
1. Worked on quiz app and a todo list app
2. Worked on jsonParsing
Work on android architecture components and room database
Watched movies and series on netflix
Swathi Meghana K R
Jun 14 2020No
Worked on a quiz app.
Added a few more details to the jsonParsing sample app.
Conyinue working on the quiz app.
Start a to-do list app
Watched web series
Suresh N
Jun 07 2020No
Completed the news app
Started working on a json parsing sample app
Complete the jsonParsing sample app
Start working on a quiz app.
Watched 13 reasons why and stranger thing
Thushar K Nimbalkar
May 31 2020No
I finished a sample app on recycler view and retrofit
I also worked on a quiz app
Continue working on the quiz app
I watched the intern. I also watched impractical jokers, Kenny sebastian's new video on netflix
Gaurav Purswani
May 24 2020No
Worked on a news app.
Learnt more about using retrofit in apps.
Continue working on the news app.
Make a sample app using recycler view and json parsing.
Watched a couple of movies and binge .watched a whole season of Brooklyn 99
Thushar K Nimbalkar
May 17 2020No
Android app development course on udacity
Working on news app
Changed telegram username 😅
Suresh N