OSL Weekly

Derryl Kevin Monis

DateVisited OSLLast WeekThis WeekFun StuffReporter
Jul 17 2022No
Watched 'The Man in the High Castle'
Vaibhav D S
Jul 10 2022No
- final exams
- project presentation
- internship
- Watched "The Man in the High Castle"
Vaibhav D S
Jun 26 2022No
- internship
- attended open day
- creating reports
- Finish and submit project report and implementation paper
- Internship
- bgmi
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Jun 19 2022No
- internship
- project report
- internship report
- implementation paper
Listened to music
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Jun 12 2022No
- Internship
- Internals
- Internship
- Final year project presentation
- Write implementation paper and create project report
- Watched "Family guy"
Swathi Meghana K R
Jun 05 2022No
Top gun 2, death note
Thushar K Nimbalkar
May 08 2022No
- Internship
- Final year project progress
- Internship
- Final year project progress
- Watched "Better call Saul"
- Watched "Halo"
Kunal S
Apr 24 2022No
- Internship
- Created a few models for final year project
- Internship.
- Technical seminar.
- Final year project progress presentation
Watched Brooklyn 99
Kunal S
Apr 17 2022No
- Internship
- Resumed working on final year project
- Internship
- Work on final year project
- Work on college chatbot
- Watched "Lucifer"
Swathi Meghana K R
Apr 10 2022No
- Internship
- Start implementation of final year project.
- Played Battlefield 5
- Dinner with fellow interns and ceo
Swathi Meghana K R
Apr 03 2022No
- Lab exam
- Internship
- Went trekking
- Watched Peaky blinders
- Played battlefield 5
Kratee Pareek
Mar 27 2022No
-lab exams
bgmi, peaky blinders
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Feb 13 2022No
- Internship
- Started studying for final exams
- Internship
- Study for final exams
- Played Halo 6
- Watched "White Collar"
Swathi Meghana K R
Feb 06 2022No
- Finalize marks
- Start studying
Played Halo 6
- Watched "Rocket boys"
Nagasandesh N
Jan 30 2022Yes
- theory and lab Internals
- Some internship work
- fixing my Ubuntu partition
Watched white collar
Nimesh M
Jan 16 2022Yes
- Internship
- created some basic ML and DL models for final year project
- Internship
- Work on final year project
- Finished playing witcher 3
- Watched "Silicon Valley"
Sourabha G
Jan 09 2022Yes
- Finished survey paper
- Internship work
- Internship
- Prepare and present 2nd phase of final year project
- Played Witcher 3
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Jan 02 2022Yes
- Internship
- Wrote the survey paper for final year project
- Internship
- Study for lab internals
- Played Witcher 3
- Watched "The Witcher"
- Party
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Dec 26 2021No
- Internship
- Internals
- Internship
- Work on survey paper for final year project
- Played Witcher 3
- Watched "White Collar"
- Watched "Young Sheldon"
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Dec 05 2021No
- Internship
- Internship
- Work on AICTE project
- Watched "Red notice"
Vaibhav D S
Nov 28 2021No
- Got sick
- Some internship work
- Internship
- Prepare for final year project presentation and survey paper
Played Witcher 3
Nagasandesh N
Nov 14 2021Yes
- wrote internals
- ncc camp
- ncc camp
- internship
- nothing much really
Sourabha G
Oct 31 2021Yes
- Got a new internship, so worked on that
Continue with internship work
Played Witcher 3
Sourabha G
Oct 24 2021No
some internship work
- Worked a little on a Hackathon project.
Internship work
- Work on hackathon project
Played Witcher 3
- Watched "Queens Gambit"
Nagasandesh N
Oct 17 2021No
- Made some additions to the college chatbot
- Learnt some solidity.
- Some small Internship stuff
- Internship
- try and get working with celo blockchain
- Played Witcher 3
- Watched "Malcom in the middle"
Shreevari SP
Oct 10 2021<img src='https://tinyurl.com/498fnvb4'>
Gaurav Purswani
Oct 03 2021No
Didn't do much due to eye problem.
- Start with final year project
- Enroll in some hackathon.
Watched "Malcom in the middle"
Kratee Pareek
Sep 19 2021No
- Looking into nvidia nemo tutorials
- Random research
- Learn django
- continue with nvidia nemo tutorials
- do some research on GPT models
- Watched "Malcom in the middle"
- Played Witcher 3
Kunal S
Sep 12 2021Yes
- Deployed the chatbot in gcp. Now we a e testing it and making some changes
- Scrutinizing final year project ideas
- Do some more testing on chatbot
- Finalize and work on final year project
- Learn django
- Watched "Malcom in the middle"
- Played Witcher 3
- Watched "The devils advocate"
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Sep 05 2021No
Decided a final year project
Do some image annotation and work on a project.
- Deploy a chatbot
Watched "Malcom in the middle"
- Played Witcher 3
Nagasandesh N
Aug 22 2021No
Looked into rasa to create chat bot
- Debugged some of my older code that didn't work on windows os
Try experimenting with transformer models in pytorch
- Work on my chatbot project
Watched "Person of interest"
- Played Witcher 3
Nagasandesh N
Aug 15 2021No
- lab Internals
- setup my my coding environment in my new laptop
- Learnt about transformers(nlp), and about various kinds of models used in nlp
- Learn more on nlp and do internship assignments
- plan how to spend time in vacations
- Watched "Person of interest"
- Played Witcher 3
Kunal S
Aug 08 2021Yes
- Writings observations
- Setting up my new laptop
- Write mini project report
- Continue learning nlp stuff for internship and do its assignment.
- Watched "Person of interest"
Sourabha G
Aug 01 2021No
- Scraped text data from a webpage and tried to do nlp text representations and embedings.
- Worked on Mini project report
- Finished a data science project
- Work on mini project and do the report
- Continue learning pytorch
- Learn about transformers in NLP
- Watched "Person of Interest"
Nidhi R
Jul 25 2021No
- Learnt some concepts in nlp
- Worked on a data science project
- Wrote records
- Continue with the data science project.
- Learn more NLP stuff
Watched "Person of interest"
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Jul 18 2021No
- Learnt a bit of pytorch
- Worked on my computer graphics mini project
- Wrote records
- Write records
- Work on android mini project
- Start with Data Science project
- Watched 'Person of interest"
Vaibhav D S
Jul 11 2021No
- Learnt basics of NLP like stemming, bag of words, tfig...
- Decided to do data analysis on naukri dataset for ibm skillbuild challenge
- Learn more about NLP
- Work on the data science project
- Work on mini project
Watched "Person of interest"
Nimesh M
Jul 04 2021No
- tried to look into some aspects of mini projects.
- learnt a little bit about tableau
- Help with osl event
- Look thinking of data science project ideas
- Start with internship work
- Watched "Person of interest"
Nimesh M
Jun 27 2021No
- Made some updates to a chatbot I've been working on.
- Started working on mini project
- Learn Tableau
- Probably work on mini project
- Started watching "Person of interest"
- Watched euro cup games
Kunal S
Jun 20 2021No
- Nothing, I've been very unproductive this week.
- Start making additions to my chatbot
- Start with android and computer graphics mini projects
Watched Lucifer,Chuck and watching the last dance
Soujanya N
Jun 13 2021No
- Learnt a bit of php
- Looked into some data science projects
- Study for internals
- Look into django tutorials
- Watched "Chuck"
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Jun 06 2021No
- Worked on chat bot.
- Started making a personal website
- Worked on dsa and sat for 3 nslhub interviews
- Continue with personal website
Watched "Chuck"
Nithin Jaikar
May 30 2021No
- Worked on a chat bot
- Looking into django tutorials
- Finish the chat bot
- Learn more on django
- Watched chuck
Megha Subramanya
May 23 2021No
- Finished a frontend group project
- Started learning Django
- Continue with django
- Solve a few leetcode problems
- Watched "Splitting up together"
- Watched "Chuck"
Patil Chanchal Vinod
May 16 2021No
Worked on a web project
Continue with web project
Watched "Salt"
Watched "Enemy of state"
Watched "The meg"
Watched the dark knight trilogy
Vaibhav D S
May 09 2021No
- Worked on group web project
- Did a ml assignment
- Complete the ml assignment and make a ppt
- Continue with the web project
- Watched "Parent trap"
- Watched "Man with a plan"
Pramod K
May 02 2021No
- Learnt some new things in css
- Started working on a simple chatbot
- Started working a group project website
- Continue with projects
- Prepare for internals
Watched man with a plan and haachi
Kratee Pareek
Apr 25 2021No
Did a few leet code problems
learnt some new things in HTML, CSS
Did internship assignment
Try to get started with some project
Do a few leet code problems
Learn Javascript
Watch Lucifer
Watched man with a plan
Vaibhav D S
Jan 17 2021No
- Attended ncc camp
- Record writing
- DBMS project submission
- Study for lab internals and exams
Watched big bang theory
Manju M
Jan 10 2021No
- not much, just academic studies
- Prepare for lab internals
- Attend ncc camp
- Watched big bang theory
- Watched Jack reacher
- Watched The Jumper
Suresh N
Jan 03 2021No
brainstormed a lot and submitted KPMG ideation deck
And wrote records, assignments.
Focus on academics
Watched "back to the future"Watched "Jack Reacher"
Vaibhav D S
Dec 27 2020No
Extensive brainstorming for KPMG ideation challenge.
- Submit the ideation pitch
- Focus on academics
- Watched "13 hours: the secret soldiers of benghazi"
- Celebrated Christmas at home
Gaurav Purswani
Dec 20 2020No
- Finished dbms project
- Got selected for KPMG ideation challenge and brainstormed some ideas
- Started watching videos on computer networks.
- Focus on academics
- Focus on ideation presentation.
Watched halo lore videos
Srikeerthi S
Dec 13 2020No
- Learnt about Javascript DOM
- Worked on dbms project
- Created Linux mint and windows 10 dual boot
- Finish the dbms project
- Start preparing for exams
watched some series and movies
Manju M
Dec 06 2020No
- Stuck with flask dbms project
- Learnt some Javascript concepts
- Preparing keyboard class syllabus
- Learn more Javascript concepts like DOM
- Work on dbms project
Watched "the big short"
Watched "the losers"
Suresh N
Nov 29 2020No
- Formed a team, brainstormed ideas and enrolled into the KPMG ideation challenge.
- Wrote python program for password generator and finding time difference.
- Started working on dbms project
- Learn Javascript for the the ideation challenge product
- Continue with dbms project
Watched "Silicon Valley"
Gaurav Purswani
Nov 22 2020No
-Learnt about databases with flask.
- Used some rm commands on my Linux and wrecked my computer.
Can't do anything till I get my computer fixed.
- Practice playing keyboard
Watched "silicon valley"
Nagasandesh N
Nov 15 2020No
-Added and deployed a deep learning model into his project's flask website.
- Finished unix workbench course.
- Make some changes to the flask website and deploy it on heroku
- Work with databases using flask
- Played and finished Halo 3 ODST
- Watched money heist
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Nov 01 2020No
- tried image upload and display feature in flask web page.
- Doing Unix workbench course
- Learn to use tensorflow models or api with flask
- Learn about flask with html forms and databases
- Started playing batman arkham city
- Started watching money heist
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Oct 18 2020/help
- Started learning web stuff for hackathon:
- html
- css
- bootstrap
- flask basics
- Learn more about flask templates
- Work with opencv along with the making a website
- Do college python assignments
- Watched 'Ready player one'
- Watched 'McMafia'
Soujanya N
Oct 11 2020No
- Learnt basic deep learning programs with TensorFlow.keras
- Python - working with files and pdfs
- Learn CNN and RNN with TensorFlow
- Brainstorm ideas for ai hackathon from college
- Watched "Shall we dance"
- Watched "Better call Saul"
Soujanya N
Oct 04 2020No
- Started learning a bit of tensorflow/keras
- Conducted a session on Pandas and Numpy for DSC ml chapter
- Started with music classes (teaching keyboard)
- Continue with TF/Keras
- Continue with Keyboard classes
- Watched "Better call Saul"
Swathi Meghana K R
Sep 27 2020No
- Started with UNIX course
- Finished with internship.
- Did volunteer work for WiDS conference
- Continue with UNIX course
- Start exploring Hacktober fest
- Revise git
- Finished "Breaking Bad"
- Watched "Vantage Point"
- Watched "Source Code"
Soujanya N
Sep 20 2020No
- Learnt about database schemas with MySQL
- Learnt some java basics
- Did internship work
- Did volunteer work
- Revisit sklearn workflow
- Continue volunteer work
- Continue internship work
- Watched Breaking Bad
- Watched Big Bang Theory
- Watched "The Current War"
Megha Subramanya
Sep 13 2020No
- Python(decorators, *args, **kwargs)
- Got Mysql running in my computer and ran some basic Mysql commands
- Did internship work
- Did volunteer work
- Started learning basic Java again for college syllabus
- Continue volunteer work
- Continue internship work
- Continue learning Java
- Watched Big Bang Theory
- Watched Breaking Bad
Swathi Meghana K R
Sep 06 2020No
Learnt Python stuff like DSA (stacks, queues, etc)
Solved hackerrank problems
Did some volunteer work
Continue with DSA in Python
Continue volunteer work
Watched Big Bang theory and Breaking Bad
Vaibhav D S
Aug 30 2020No
- Started with DSA in python
- Did some hackerrank problems
- Did volunteer work for GDG
- Do vounteer work
- Continue with DSA and and hackerrank
- Watched Breaking Bad
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Aug 23 2020No
- Learnt some statistics
- Ran some statistics regression code
- Learn some data science algorithms
- Learn some algorithms with python
- Watched 'Eagle eye'
- Played Halo 2
Neha B
Aug 16 2020No
- Went through a little tensorflow workflow
- Learnt about descriptive statistics
- Learning about inferential statistics
- Learnt Google sheets basic skills
- Continue with inferential statistics
- Try to get SQL running in my computer
- Learn intermediate skills in Google sheets
- Watched a documentary on the para commando training
- Watched 'Breaking Bad'
- Played 'Halo: Reach'
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Aug 09 2020No
- Went through some tensorflow code workflow
- NCC training for Independence day
- Learn about tensorflow
- NCC training for Independence day
- Read a few chapter of 'Steve Jobs'
- Watched '1917'
- Watched a documentary of Indian commando training
- Watched 'My spy'
Umesh A
Aug 02 2020No
- Finished 'Learning how to learn' from coursera
- Read some chapters of 'Steve Jobs'
- Started learning a bit of tensorflow
- Continue reading 'Steve Jobs'
- Learn more about tensorflow
For fun
- Watched 'Big Bang Theory'
- Watched '3 idiots' again
- Watched 'Justice League Dark: Apokolips War'
Kunal S
Jul 26 2020No
- Did volunteer work for GDG
- Read a few chapters of 'Steve Jobs'
- Wrote records and assignments
Next week
- Resume with coursera
- Continue reading 'Steve Jobs'
- Continue with volunteer work
- Watched 'Young Sheldon'
Patil Chanchal Vinod
Jul 19 2020Yes
Last week
- Learnt about decision trees and random forests
- Read a few chapters of the book 'Steve Jobs'
- Did volunteer work for GDG mysore
- Enrolled into 'Learning how to learn' in coursera
Next week
- Continue with coursera
- Continue with volunteer work
- Read 'Steve Jobs'
- Complete records
For fun
- Watched KGF
- Watched Young Sheldon
Chandan B Gowda
Jul 12 2020No
Last week
- Finished a deep learning specialisation
- Practising some simple ML code
- Did volunteer work for GDG Mysore
Next week
- Start reading a biography 'Steve Jobs'
- Do volunteer work for GDG Mysore
- Start a new course in coursera
For fun
- Watched a documentary about the Air Force Academy
Suresh N
Jul 05 2020No
- Completed a course on CNN in coursera
- Finished reading dataclysm
- Volunteer work to coordinate Gdg mysore events.
- Enroll into 'sequence models' in coursera
- Volunteer work for Gdg mysore.
- Finished watching 'The office'
- Watched 'Jack Ryan'
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Jun 28 2020No
- Finished 'Improving neural networks' in coursera
- Finished 'Structuring machine learning projects' in coursera
- Enrolled into 'Convolution neural network' in coursera
- Read some chapters of "Dataclysm"
- Busy with volunteer work for GDG
- Volunteer work for GDG
- Continue reading 'dataclysm'
- Continue with coursera
- Watched 'The office'
- Watched 'Prometheus'
Avinash Arun
Jun 21 2020No
- Finished coursera ML course
- Finished reading 'Bad Blood'
- Enrolled into 'Improving Deep Neural Networks' in coursera
- Finish 'Improving Deep Neural Networks' in coursera
- Resume reading 'Dataclysm', which I paused last month
- Watched 'Big bang theory'
- Watched 'The office'
- Watched 'Get out'
- Played the keyboard
Umesh A
Jun 14 2020No
- Coursera
- Advice for applying machine learning
- Machine learning system design
- SVMs
- Looked into a supervised learning(classification) code workflow
- Read some chapters 'Bad Blood'
- Coursera
- Unsupervised learning
- Dimensionality reduction
- Anomaly detection
- Recommender systems
- Finish reading 'Bad Blood'
- Watched 'big bang theory'
- Watched 'the office'
Pramod K
Jun 07 2020No
- Coursera
- Neural networks representation
- Neural networks learning
- Resumed learning scikit-learn
- Read some chapters of "Bad Blood"
- Coursera
- Advice for applying machine learning
- Machine learning system design
- Resume reading 'Bad Blood'
- Watched 'big bang theory'
- Watched 'the office'
Neha B
May 31 2020No
- Learn about logistic regression, regularization
- Resumed with scikit-learn
- Wrote assignments
- Probably nothing with computer science
- Resume reading 'Bad blood'
- Watched brooklyn nine nine, big bang theory,
- Watched the patriot, the dark phoenix
- Started watching the office
Sanjith PK
May 24 2020No
- Finished a 'sql server fundamentals' track in datacamp free week
- Resume learning Scikit-learn
- Enroll into a coursera course
- Watched Brooklyn nine nine
- What I did for fun:
- Watched Brooklyn nine nine
- Watched Shark tank
- Started reading the book 'Bad Blood'Watched Shark tank
- Started reading the book 'Bad Blood'
Gaurav Purswani
May 17 2020Yes
- Revising numpy, pandas
- Looked into matplotlib
- Started with scikit-learn
- Reading Dataclysm
- Started with SQL
- Watched Big bang theory, brooklyn nine nine
- Continue with SQL
- Continue reading Dataclysm
- Watch Brooklyn nine nine
Watch Brooklyn nine nine and big bang theory
Soujanya N