OSL Weekly

Patil Chanchal Vinod

DateVisited OSLLast WeekThis WeekFun StuffReporter
Aug 07 2022No
Nothing much
Working on feedback module
Arun Maurya
Jul 31 2022Yes
Didn't do any work
Might do some work
Vaibhav D S
Jun 26 2022Yes
- college assignments, module test and internals
- found a major issue in company codebase
- college work
Played snooker
Vaibhav D S
Jun 12 2022Yes
Last week:
No coding
House Warming Ceremony
Aniruddha Bagal
Jun 05 2022Yes
Not much coding
Seminar on edge computing
Derryl Kevin Monis
May 22 2022No
Worked on few enhancements on webapp
Continue to work on new features
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
May 15 2022Yes
Fixed around 40bugs this week
- will chill out a bit since work project is over
Derryl Kevin Monis
May 01 2022Yes
Worked on Webapp
Finish and work on MFA feature for webapp
Watched KGF 2
Kunal S
Apr 24 2022No
Last week:
On leave from work due to fever cold cough
This week:
Finish the navipoint web app tasks
Attended a wedding reception
Went out for a birthday party
Nagasandesh N
Apr 10 2022No
- finished three pages for navipoint web app.run
- Make few changes to those pages and move to developing other pages
- Also read up about taxations
Went to a birthday party at southern star, came back late night
Derryl Kevin Monis
Mar 27 2022No
Worked on login n sign up page for new website
Finish pending task and move to welcome page
Kunal S
Mar 20 2022No
Went to work.
Did some small change and merged PR
Go to work
Kunal S
Mar 13 2022Last week: I learnt Vuejs, javascript essentials and read a book related to design patterns
Last week:
learnt Vuejs, javascript essentials and read a book related to design patterns
This week:
Continue work at Exinous
-Had dinner with foreign investors of the company for 2 days
-Didn't go gym
Sourabha G
Feb 20 2022No
Study and write exams
Study and write exams
Vaibhav D S
Feb 13 2022No
I finished internship report
Worked a bit not much
Prepare for exams
Tried Chicken popcorn
Kratee Pareek
Jan 30 2022Yes
I worked with form builder using vue.
Need to add export json format and render form features to the buildee
Kratee Pareek
Jan 23 2022Yes
Last week:
I started working on form builder using vuejs
This week:
Continue with vue, vue draggable, bootstrap vue
Nagasandesh N
Jan 16 2022Yes
I joined work at Exinous Inc.
Started learning Vue
Searched laptop for work
Will finalise laptop
Start working on a form builder using vue
Also read gitbook
I took rest, didn't go to college. Not well
Gaurav Purswani
Jan 02 2022Yes
I didn't do anything technical this week.
Did some video editing for personal work
Marketed nft
Gathered knowledge from people
Might join part time work at deeshik labs
attended to new year celebration parties
Sourabha G
Dec 26 2021Yes
Go shopping
Met friends and went shopping
Swathi Meghana K R
Dec 19 2021Yes
Soure not reported
Source not reported
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Dec 05 2021No
What I did last week:
-attended 2 interviews
-learnt about DeFi, DAOs
-started with a graphic design project
-prioritised orgs to apply for github externship
This week:
- finish graphic art project
-start with assignment by frappo org to get github externship
- working on a PR for zero sama
missed crossfit
Nagasandesh N
Oct 17 2021Yes
- worked on human resource management solutions
Same as the previous week
Went to eat waffles and window shopping with friends
Kunal S
Oct 10 2021No
Working in human resource management system solution development. Finished it.
Will demo it on Monday this week to internal dev team and then HR team
Final year project synopsis presentation
DS prep for intern review interview at nsl
Vaibhav D S
Oct 03 2021No
- I worked on designing a solution for human resource management system at internship
- I also started a course called interactive computer graphics from university of tokyo, from coursera
Offline classes start
Will continue internship
Try to finish course mentioned previous week
Monkey bars workout
Good food
Nagasandesh N
Sep 12 2021No
I continued working kn writing paytm service code in java.
Learned about checksum utility in paytm
Try to close paytm service code part and strat debugging and testing
Went to trek karigatta
Megha Subramanya
Sep 05 2021No
I worked on converting 4 Paytm integration APIs from python to java
Learned basics of k8
Complete conversion of one service atleast
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Aug 22 2021No
-Started converting a file upload api from python to java
-complete conversion and started converted another python service to java
Played around on the stock market
Shreevari SP
Aug 15 2021No
College internals nad lab internals done
Resume internship work
Sourabha G
Aug 01 2021No
- worked on fixing a few bugs
-completed one feature end to end at internship
- leave from work
-focus on all college work and get done with projects and records and internals
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Jul 25 2021No
-Read about different kinds of forging attacks and how to secure redirect urls from such attacks
- worked on adding cc and bcc headers to email api
-wrote college records and assignments
- testing added features
-get done with all pending college work
Music, sleep
Derryl Kevin Monis
Jul 11 2021No
-internship work
- writing college records , assignments and did a project presentation
Same as last week
Music, sleep
Derryl Kevin Monis
Jul 04 2021No
-Worked on creating support email api - tech: python
-wrote college assignments
- read about requests in Django rest framework
- will work on the api call
-bug fix related to QR code generation
-project presentation
sleeping , music
Nidhi R
Jun 27 2021No
-work: JWT token authentication, cutomising JWT tokens
-college: wrote assignments, attended some proctured tests
Work, college
Nimesh M
Jun 13 2021No
1. Worked on extending media support to whatsApp api using twilio. Read about twilio assets, ngrok, etc.
2. Explored testing and debugging a large piece of code.
3. Submitted assignments, decided on mini project topics and submitted synopsis
4. Read about different algorithms used for binary classification in ML.
1. Internship work
2. Write internal assessments
3. Start with some research work
1. Listened to loads of music
2. Attended an online concert
Shreevari SP
Jun 06 2021No
- learnt spring boot, read about rest Apis, run few Apis using Postman
- Also saw how the end to end flow of the platform execution at work takes place
-submitted few college assignments too
- tried to keep up with news
- not planned anything but some of the main things include work and college stuff
Listened to Shawn Mendes and Alicia Keys' music
Gaurav Purswani
May 30 2021No
- setup for work under adapter team at nslhub done
- read about adapters in general
- took updates from freshers in creative team of osl on their progress in learning photoshop
- brainstormed with some juniors about event ideas for osl
- wrote college assignments
-learn java spring boot framework
- learn about rest Api
-learn how to test using Postman
-eventually create a sample rest api using boot and test using Postman
- take updates from creative team
-keep up with meetings at nslhub
- try to watch some news
- write assignments and try to execute lab programs
I just tried to destress by listening to Charlie Puth's music
Nagasandesh N
May 23 2021No
- NSLHub Induction Program
- Attended Online Classes
-Start my Internship Training
Watched movies on Netflix
Nagasandesh N
May 16 2021No
-wrote internals😓
-attended training sessions, calls and meeting from work.
- read few concepts of data structures.
-spent time thinking how I could do better at promoting my insta art page.
-internship work
-do some artwork
-practice for interviews
Listen to music
Avinash Arun
May 09 2021No
-prepared for interview
-attended an interview, got selected for the internship at nslhub.
-practiced os, networks and dara structures
-wrote college assignments
-internship starts this week
-practice ds, algo
-study for internal,ig?
Listening to music
Swathi Meghana K R
May 02 2021No
Completed ml assignment - classification model from clean vs empty food.
Practiced a little aptitude
Practice aptitude
Back to basics - interview prep
Listened to loads of music
Gaurav Purswani
Apr 25 2021No
Work on ml model to classify clean and messy room
Nimesh M
Jan 03 2021No
I'm in my native place. So I've been visiting places and not doing anything technical
I wrote a few assignments and also studied for internals though
Same as last week
Manju M
Dec 27 2020No
Continued learning python
Praticed aptitude
Completed machine learning using python course by IBM And also completed dbms record
Continue with python
Study for internals
Watched tv
Megha Subramanya
Dec 20 2020No
- completed frontend for dbms project(gym management system)
Tech stack: html,css,bootstrap,js
-wrote a few assignment
-studied dbms module 1(60 pages!)
-continued with learning python programming language
-started working on aptitude concepts
- Complete learning python
- Continue practicing aptitude
Vibha Prasad
Dec 13 2020No
- completed digitally creating ER diagram and schema diagram of dbms project
-continued with python
-continied with sql and php
- work on dbms project
- continue python learning
watched videos on youtube
Nidhi R
Dec 06 2020No
started learning python concepts upto conditional statements
dbms concepts revision
continue to advance learning python finish formulating ER diagram and Database schema for dbms project
Vaibhav D S
Nov 29 2020No
-Studied php, dbms
-read about github actions
-Understood difference between mysql and nosql databases
Finish dbms project
went to jog
Sourabha G
Nov 22 2020No
I studied computer networks
To learn php
To study dbms
Manju M
Nov 15 2020No
Studied data communication
Study computer networks
Went on a road trip to melkote,belagola and climbed a lott of steps
Nimesh M
Nov 08 2020No
- Not much, sick and recovering.
- Did a course on science of exercise
Study about data communication and computer networks
Watched TV, some comedy, 'how it works' on discovery
Derryl Kevin Monis
Nov 01 2020No
I was sick this week
Did nothing productive in specific
I will finally dual boot my system All sorts of backup
No fun
Gaurav Purswani
Oct 25 2020No
Completed open hack sprint report
Read about dual booting
Cleant up my system (in terms of files)
Completed course Unix Workbench
Read stuff about FOSS Asia
Added description to all discord OSL channels
Finish a course called science of exercise
Read about discord and discord bots
Read mozilla community guidelines completely
Complete learning about vim editor
I learnt basic operations
Played guitar
Gaurav Purswani
Oct 18 2020No
VVCE Chanchal OSL:
- learnt to use git and choose to make further changes in repositories using git only

- managed to add hacktoberfest blog written by avinash to the website

Got another PR merged where text transition using css had to added as a feature to website

Learnt to use vim command line in a span of one hour

Also, started to keep track of wharmt I learn everyday
Learn more editing options of vim command line
Familiarise myself with linux and get linux installed to my PC . (cant guarantee this)
Complete unix workbemch course on coursera
Watched movies/
Vaibhav D S
Oct 11 2020No
- did all sorts of event management work for openhack sprint
- completed week one of unix workbench course
- couldn't complete the PR to add text transition feature
- Complete Unix workbench course
- learn git properly
- read how to contribute to open source guide
Watching TV
Derryl Kevin Monis
Oct 04 2020No
- completed documentation for corporate wars
-planned for open hack sprint
a) completed content for events page
b) almost done with creating registration form for the event
- wrote code in css for sliding animation of quotes for a repo. Saved it. Not added code in github. PR to be created
-had a merged PR before on oct 1 which was not counted because PR was created before oct 1
-complete detailed planning of open hack sprint
-add content to events page for the website by creating a PR
-proceed with some other important documentation for OSL
-Manage to learn to use git properly and get the css code to github and create, get PR merged
No time for fun. I worked for fun
Srikeerthi S
Sep 27 2020No
What I did last week:
I did a lot of documentation work
-corporate wars (event by aspera) report
-helped out in formulating community guidelines for open source community
-started course unix workbench on coursera
-read about installation process of windows subsystem for linux kernel
What I plan to do this week:
- continue with formulating community guidelines
- try to complete unix course
- plan for hacktober fest
-get atleast 3PRs merged
played guitar
Nidhi R
Sep 20 2020No
- I was busy organising corporate wars
- created logo for my art blog on instagram
-created 5 illustrations of same theme to use in instagram highlights for the same page
-I also progressed a little bit with css design concepts in freecodecamp
- I also updated my resume, created a portfolio on behance
-Finish css concepts in freecodecamp
-create two more pages of my portfolio website
played guitar for fun
Srikeerthi S
Sep 13 2020No
-learnt applied visual design concepts in css
-decided and planned a layout for a website , created basic webpage for the same
-learnt basic python and linux commands
-Complete learning applied visual design on freecodecamp
-complete 4 webpages of the same website and fill necessary content
Nothing I slept
Neha B
Sep 06 2020Yes
-Participated in a logo creation contest and created a logo for "Made in India".
-Created a poster for an event for osl
-Learnt few basic commands of unix terminal
-Participate in 2more logo creation contests
-Create content in the form of posters
nothing for fun, all of
Hectic classes
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Aug 30 2020No
Read about POP3,SMTP,IMAP
Learnt sorting techniques in excelsheet
Read about Hactoberfest
Learnt concepts in css like overriding functions, absolute and relative units,clockwise notations
Read about animation as well
Planned to participate in ongoing logo designing contests
Watched animated documentaries
Neha B
Aug 23 2020No
Sat and revised data structures.
Try and create portfolio website.
I was learning to play 2 songs on guitar
Thushar K Nimbalkar
Aug 16 2020No
Major task: created my resume!
Learn c++ and solve coding problems as a part of 10daysofcode
Playing guitar
Swathi Meghana K R
Aug 09 2020No
Organized Aspera event
Started learning CSS advanced.
Finish learning CSS
Played guitar
Vaibhav D S
Aug 02 2020No
-Started using Linux and explored editing documents via terminal
-Almost completed graphic design specialization on coursera
-Leart to use Adobe InDesign completely
- Explore more of linux
-complete graphic design specialization
-and keep designing
Watching movies
Nithin Jaikar
Jul 26 2020No
Not been much productive.
Created a few moodboards.
No plans yet
Painted pots
Kratee Pareek
Jul 19 2020No
Started an art blog on instagram. Do check @the.artender on instagram
Created logo designs for blog
Practiced html
Create better designs using InDesign.
Finish course on image making
Write some content
Sketching and playing guitar
Kunal S
Jul 12 2020No
Started course on user experience
No yet planed
Learning to play guitar
Nithin Jaikar
Jul 05 2020No
-read about different design tools
-Completed course on ImageMaking
-Create Digital artwork
Played guitar
Neha B
Jun 28 2020No
-Completed course on history of graphic design
-Attended adobe 99U conference
-Created one typographic poster
Complete course on ImageMaking
Write blogs
Play guitar
Kratee Pareek
Jun 21 2020No
Finished week 1 and 2 of course on imagemaking
Complete course on Imagr Making
Content for osl
Nagasandesh N
Jun 14 2020No
Completed course on typography
Started course on Imagemaking
Learn some linux commands
Complete week 1 and 2 of course on ImageMaking
Learnt to play a tune on Guitar
Neha B
Jun 07 2020No
1. Primarily wrote assignments
2. Completed course on typography
1. Start course on ImageMaking
Learned to play guitar
Swathi Meghana K R
May 31 2020No
Write assignments
Complete week 3 of course on typography
Design 6 basic documents using adobe InDesign
Complete the rest of the assignments
Finish course on typography
Start course on ImageMaking
Learn guitar basics
Suresh N
May 24 2020No
What I did last week:
-Learnt Adobe Indesign functions like:
•Add Text
•Understanding frames
•Format text
•Changing text styles •Add and transform graphics
•Apply color and text
-completed week 2 course Typography
-Submitted one assignment
Plans for next week:
-Complete course typography
-create atleast 3 designs (posters or connotative images)
Fun things I did:
-Read old comics
-Read some entrpreneurial jargon
-watched TV(sadly no music this week)
Suresh N
May 17 2020No
-Completed week 1 of course typography
-started with basics of adobe InDesign.
-Adobe InDesign!!Gotta create good stuff on it.
-finish week 2 of course typography
-If possible learn more linux commands
-Read the Tor Project Documentation
-*Read* more content
-Enjoyed Listening to electric guitar music specifically
-Read about guitars and their types
-read an old comic
-was active on instagram
-Started watching "Girls on Top"
Avinash Arun