OSL Weekly

Arun Maurya

DateVisited OSLLast WeekThis WeekFun StuffReporter
Sep 11 2022Yes
- messaging queues
- sem end preparations
Finish Exams and continue with messaging queues
movies and stand up
Vaibhav D S
Aug 28 2022Yes
Read about Oauth2
Promises in JS
Error proofed some previous projects
Sem Ends
Planning to start with AWS
Movies, Netflix
Kunal S
Jun 12 2022Yes
Attended Ineuron hackathon
Met Hitesh Choudhary and telusko
Featured in one of YouTube Live streams
Complete vvce pending works
Prepare for upcoming internals
Movie, insta, YouTube
Aneesh Clinton D'Souza
Jun 05 2022No
Read documentation and watched YouTube videos about socket.io
Implement a project using socket.io
Went to chamundi betta and Topgun Maverick
Shreevari SP
May 29 2022Yes
Started working with socket io
Introduction to etherium
College fests
Derryl Kevin Monis
May 15 2022Yes
Attended Solana Hacker House in Bangalore
DevOps start karenge
Attended solana hacker house
Patil Chanchal Vinod
May 08 2022No
Getting started with Docker
apply docker in projects and try to start with Kafka
Had a trip to UP
Vaibhav D S
Apr 17 2022Yes
+ Exams
+ GSoC related stuff
+ Watched YT videos on Operating Systems
+ Solve and raise some Org. issues
+ Learn OOPs
+ Basketball
+ Baikaiti
Aniruddha Bagal